The Best Ideas for Boho Gifts for Your Favorite Hippie

//The Best Ideas for Boho Gifts for Your Favorite Hippie
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The boho style is one that’s free-spirited, artistic, earth-inspired, and all-around unconventional. People have embraced and rocked the “boho chic” look for years. If you have a hippie friend to shop for this holiday season, you may be wondering where to start.

That’s where this guide comes in. There are the best ideas for boho gifts to give your favorite hippie this year. 

An Upcycled Bag 

Boho clothes and style is often all about upcycled or thrifted goods. If the hippie in your life is no exception, consider a recycled bag.

This Indonesian Batik Bag by Uncommon Goods is made from repurposed fair trade cloth in all kinds of colors. These bags are handmade by artisans from Indonesia, making them a truly unique gift. 


Jewelry is always a nice present, but it’s also a tricky gift to truly get right. Look for a practical yet fashionable piece that would match your friend’s typical attire. 

Solid stainless steel pieces like this necklace is a great choice. It will match with nearly everything and have an underrated elegance.

If your friend has pierced ears, you could look for simple boho jewelry like wrapped crystal earrings. Some believe gems have mystical properties. Find out if she has a favorite crystal, like amethyst or blue lace agate. 

Incense or Essential Oils 

Similar to crystals, incense and essential oils are often used by those who live a “bohemian” lifestyle to destress. Oils like lavender, rose, chamomile, and more are popular choices for helping mild anxiety or muscle tension. 

Burning incense sticks or cones is a soothing meditative practice. They can be used to clear negative energy from a space or feel more connected to the earth. These are often practiced by hippie folks. 

Boho Bandeau

Natural Life’s boho bandeau is a cozy and versatile 12-in-one accessory that makes excellent bohemian gifts for a hippie (it’s in the name!). It comes in many different patterns and colors. It’s designed to be worn as a scarf, headwrap, hair tie, bracelet, face cover, a bandeau, and more. 

A Succulent 

Succulents are hardy plants that thrive indoors under the right conditions. They’ve gained a significant amount of popularity in recent years. No matter what the occasion, s succulent is a cute and fun gift for all.

If your hippie friend doesn’t have a green thumb, consider a type that is harder to kill, like an air plant. Air plants require very little water, just a fine misting every now and again, as they derive most of their nutrition from the air. They are incredibly easy to keep and make beautiful additions to any home. 

That’s a Wrap on Our Boho Gifts Guide 

When it comes to buying boho gifts for your hippie friends, consider what is important to them and their lifestyle. Apparel and accessories like a repurposed bag, a simple, yet beautiful necklace, or a boho bandeau are among the best hippie gifts to choose from.

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