The Pertinent Checklist for Home Maintenance

//The Pertinent Checklist for Home Maintenance
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If you own a home, it’s essential that you make routine maintenance a priority. If you don’t, you could end up spending lots of money on costly repairs that you might not be able to afford. By following a few tips, however, you can keep your home in good working order and avoid a financial headache.

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Do an Outdoor Inspection of Your Home

When you’re outside your home, look for cracks in the siding, roof shingles that are coming loose, or other obvious signs of wear. You may need to seal windows or address chipped paint to keep your home in good condition.

A big benefit of checking your home’s exterior is that you’ll keep it in good shape should you ever want to sell it. Potential buyers like to see a home that has been cared for. And a good real estate group, such as Team Steele, can help guide you toward other homes that are well-built and well-maintained.

Powerwash Your Deck or Patio Each Summer

If you have a deck or patio, aim to powerwash it when the weather gets warmer. Doing this not only helps these outdoor spaces look good, but it also extends their life. Stash a powerwasher in your garage and you’ll be able to use it each summer.

Add HVAC Inspections to Your Checklist for Home Maintenance

You should make HVAC system inspections a part of your routine. This includes checking the filters to ensure the air that enters your home is fresh. It’s also a smart idea to hire a professional to do a check before you boot up your furnace for the winter. 

Dryer Vents Need Routine Cleaning

Keep your dryer vents clean, too. As the seasons change, these vents fill up with lint, dust, and other debris. And ultimately, that blockage could result in a house fire.


Keep Your Gutters in Good Shape

There’s a reason your parents made you help them clean the gutters each fall. It keeps your home in better shape! When gutters get clogged with dead leaves and branches, they don’t function properly.

This leads to poor drainage, and that may result in flooding. A wet basement can be a huge financial problem, so grab a glove and spatula and start cleaning those gutters!

Don’t Forget to Test Your Smoke Detectors

You should test your smoke detectors at least once a month to make sure they are functioning properly. While most detectors will alert you when the battery is low, don’t rely on that. Instead, swap out the old batteries for some new ones once each year.

Make Maintenance a Priority

By following a checklist for home maintenance, you can prevent bigger problems from developing. You’ll keep your home in better shape and spot any likely problems. You’ll also keep your family healthy and safe in the process.

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