5 Creative Kitchen Wall Decoration Ideas for Truly Unique Looks

//5 Creative Kitchen Wall Decoration Ideas for Truly Unique Looks
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 We all spend at least 61 minutes in the kitchen every day. So why not make it fabulous?

The kitchen is truly the heart of any home. It’s where your children will have shared memories of baking and family members will gather to celebrate the holidays. We have a few kitchen wall decoration ideas to maximize your space and make it the cozy center of your home! 

1. Plant Wall 

Who doesn’t love fresh herbs for cooking? With a few hooks, you can grow and harvest fresh herbs all in your own kitchen. 

Keeping everything uniform with matching growing pots will provide a cohesive and beautiful look. Use chalkboard signs to label each plant or grab your label maker!

2. Chalkboard Wall

A chalkboard wall is a great way to communicate with your family, consolidate recipe ideas, and list out a menu. There are a few ways to go about this, so take your pick! 

You can easily DIY a chalkboard with a vintage frame and chalkboard paint. Otherwise, find a large chalkboard you like or even a collection of a few that are of various shapes and sizes.

3. Market Wall 

Creating a market wall is a fantastic way to add some character to your space while making it functional! 

Start by hanging some decorative hooks and wooden shelves. Slowly add everything you’d need to grab on your way out to the farmers’ market. Cotton totes, a brown paper list, mason jars, even a sunhat! 

Add more character to your wall with lettered signs and pops of greenery. You can even add some personalized wall art from VisionBedding.com that uses your own designs or photographs to make your wall complete!

4. Wine Wall 

We know about mobile bar carts, but what about a bar on the wall?! It’s totally possible and well on its way to being the next big Pinterest trend. 

Start by gathering all your decorations, like bottle caps from your favorite beer bottles and wine corks. Install some shelving or signs to add some personality and add some spice to the otherwise blank wall. 

To draw even more attention, mount a lit sign that’s personalized or simply says “the wine bar” or classically, “BAR.” You’ll truly feel like you have your own little bar with these hacks! 

Write out a cocktail menu with chalk or a framed DIY print out to put the cherry on top! 

5. Exposed Pantry Wall 

Everyone dreams of the perfect pantry, but have you ever thought about putting your pantry on the wall? It’s totally doable! Depending on your space you can add multiple racks and shelves to accommodate any overflow food items. The key is cleanliness and minimalism. 

No one wants to see a bunch of cardboard boxes or plastic containers, so elevate it by transferring your dry goods into clear glass containers. Grab a label maker and go to town! This will make it so easy to cook and take stock, all while adding some flair to your kitchen. 

Implementing Your Kitchen Wall Decoration Ideas

There are so many ways to take advantage of blank spaces in your kitchen. Try out these kitchen wall decoration ideas and let us know how it goes! We can’t wait to see your beautiful creations and DIY hacks.

Happy decorating!

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