8 Trendy Summer Haircuts for Women in 2020

//8 Trendy Summer Haircuts for Women in 2020
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According to the New York Times, the pandemic has had a very real and deep impact on the hair and beauty industry. 

Since there’s nowhere to go (or not as many places to go) why get ready?

People around the world have seriously rethought their personal care rituals. But despite the changes, stylish and chic hair trends that reflect the attitudes of the changing world have emerged. 

There’s still Instagram to show-up for. Here are the top summer haircuts you need to know. 

Summer Haircuts #1: The Shag

There are a handful of different shag styles, and chances are you’ll see almost all of them this summer. Shag haircuts are generally full of layers with most of the weight of the hair at the top of the head, with hair that thins out at the bottom. 

Dramatic layers with wavy, messy waves and create an 80s rocker look. Softer, longer layers can add more shape to a longer hairstyle. Any good stylist can shape a shag-like style that fits your face shape and style, however, this cut really showcases the potential of wavy and curly hair bounce and volume.

Summer Haircuts #2: New Mermaid

Long, beach waves have been one of the top hairstyles for nearly a decade and this soft, tossed look isn’t going anywhere in 2020. However, you might see new evolved versions of mermaid hair. 

This summer wet-looking waves will be especially popular, along with asymmetrical parts and long locks chopped at one length. There’s a long wave style for any face shape. Products like Ouai Wave Spray, Hairlaya extentions, and a hair wand like the Wrap Styling Wand from Drybar can create waves on any hair type.

Summer Haircuts #3: Full Afro 

If you’re lucky enough to have the hair power to create a full, elevated rounded Afros, summer of 2020 is the year to let your natural hair shine. Traditional full Afros are recommended on angled face shapes. Since the curve of the hair and the natural shoulder and chin lengths of these styles seem to soften the edges of these face shapes. 

Even though the traditional full Afros that went mainstream in the 1970s will be seen frequently this summer, more modern styles will too. Full Afros that experiment with bangs, layering, technicolor, and unique lengths will also be popular. 

Summer Haircuts #4: Fresh Bob 

Shaggy, wavy, and Afro style are just some ways you’ll see the classic bob modernized in summer 2020. You’ll also see them asymmetrical, with bangs and uneven layers. You’ll also see it in its stereotypical one-length blunt cut.

The bob has also evolved to different lengths to falling down to the collarbone to being extra short to nearly pixie-cut levels above the chin. Some say that the bobs popularity has extended to 2020 is due to the coronavirus and the ease of cutting and caring for this hairstyle. But those with thicker, curlier hair should beware of the “poof” effect a one-length bob cut can have. 

Summer Haircuts #5: Sleek Braids

The possibilities are really only as limited as your imagination and willingness to practice a technique. French, Dutch and fishtail braids will still be on-trend this summer, but box braids will become equally popular. Box braids will be represented in many ways. From ponytails to crochet, lemonade, feed-in, goddess, tribal, and Fulani styles.

Braided ponytails and pigtails will be especially trendy forms for French, Dutch and fishtail braids. They’ll also be popular details added to buns. You’ll also see 90s-style micro braids in long wavy and straight styles. 

Embellished Braids

‘There will be a lot of embellishments for braids twist and locs. Fabrics, beads, ribbons, and pearls will be intertwined into the hair in 2020.’

Summer Haircuts #6: Put a Bow on It 

An easy way to dress up overgrown layers is by putting it up, with a bow. This summer you’ll start to see 1960s-style bows decorating ponytails and half-up hairdos. Ribbons and bows will be thick, soft, and relatively large. Think oversized, silk, and long.

Bows will also get creative, they can be interlaced into braids or attached to barrettes and hair clips too. 

Summer Haircuts #7: Headgear 

Bandanas, headscarves, and headbands will be everywhere this summer. It might be to dress-up quarantine hair, or it might be timing, who knows. Luxury designers are selling printed and logo embellished designs. 

There’s headgear to fit every style, from athleisure headbands that wrap around the forehead to velvet and delicate silk styles. What really stands out for headgear hairstyles in 2020 is the idea of a statement headpiece. Don’t be afraid to go bold.

Summer Haircuts #8: Color Accents 

Staying at home might be responsible for some new hair color trends happening this summer. But unlike previous years, the color trends in 2020 will revolve around color accents verses full heads of bold color. 

We’ll see bold bleached streaks on natural color hair. Also, neon roots are especially popular, along with bright peek-a-boo streaks in bangs, behind ears and under layers. There’s also a lot of rainbow balayage and rainbow accents popping-up across social media. In addition to more people experimenting with Pantone’s color of the year 2020 ‘Classic Blue.’

Getting a Haircut in 2020 

It’s clear that a pandemic can’t stop the need and want for beautiful, chic hair that expresses individuality and personal style. This year preferred summer haircuts are low-maintenance, natural and a little retro. It will be interesting to see if these hair trends are only the beginning of a foundational change to the fashion and beauty industry. 

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