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Have you ever been so desperate with your hair you almost picked up some scissors yourself? Whether it’s too long, too short, too frizzy or too flat, our hair can feel like it has its own mind.

Finding a hair salon you trust will boost your confidence and everyday happiness. A stylist you trust will help shorten your time to get ready in the mornings. They can also help you find the best styles for your face and personality.

Finding the best hair salon takes some research and diligence, but it’s worth it to find a lasting partner in beauty.

Ask for Local Recommendations

Start by reaching out to your friends for their local recommendations. What’s your favorite hair salon near me? Asking this question will likely open up a few different options per person.

Make sure you’re asking for recommendations from people you trust and who may have the same tastes as you. A personal recommendation will be your most trustworthy option.

Research Customer Testimonials

To get a bigger list of potential hair salons, reach out to the Internet for even more recommendations. Search for hairstylists in your area with a high average customer rating.

Salons like Petersham Hair Co with five stars and more than 50 reviews on Google show that their customers are enthusiastic about their services.

Prioritize Your Needs

As you’re researching salons, prioritize your individual needs. There are many different types of salons, and none of them offer the same experience.

Some locations offer full spa services, while others are more barber-style shops with cheap prices and a simple menu of services.

You may be more interested in a local boutique where the stylists have been there for a while, or a chain salon might interest you with their cheaper prices.

As you’re evaluating each salon, think about their stylist turnaround rate, their costs, their services and even the salon ambiance.

Analyze Costs and Deals

One of the most important factors to consider is the salon cost. If you’re looking for a salon where you only need monthly trims, you may be more inclined to take your business to a large chain salon.

On the other hand, if you’re interested in trying the latest seasonal styles, a high-end salon will have stylists that are more equipped in complicated hair cuts and coloring.

You should also evaluate each salon’s specific deals and offerings. Consider the average costs for additional treatments like manicures and tanning. If these services are important to you, search for a salon that offers bundled service packages.

Final Tips for Finding the Best Hair Salon

You may need to book a few different appointments before you find the best hair salon. Turn away from any salons that rip you off or truly mess up your hair.

You’ll know you’ve found a salon to stick with when you look forward to each appointment and have built a solid relationship with your stylist.

Once you’ve found the salon you love, stick with it long term. Your stylist will come to understand your hair and your preferences. With a long-term relationship, they’ll be able to offer you customized recommendations for a better experience.

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