9 Serious Side Effects of Career Burnout and Signs to Look out For

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Did you know that many companies are facing an employee burnout crisis?

Are you wondering if you’re suffering from career burnout? Not to worry! In this guide, we’ll go over the signs of job burnout.

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1. You No Longer Feel Excited About Work

One telltale sign of burnout is a lack of enthusiasm or interest in your work tasks. Some projects that you found fulfilling now leave you feeling depleted.

People who are suffering from burnout won’t get the same kind of satisfaction they did before.

Have you noticed you are more critical at work? Do you force yourself to work, but once you’re there, you have a hard time getting started on tasks?

This indifference can extend to other areas of your life outside of work. If you’re suffering from a general lack of enthusiasm, this is a red flag. Consider going to talk with a mental health professional.

2. Your Work Effort Has Diminished

When you don’t feel enthusiastic about your work, you can get an apathetic attitude. You might start to notice you don’t care anymore.

Before, you might have worked hard to finish your tasks in an efficient manner. People who are facing burnout will start to do the least amount of work.

3. Are You Tired All the Time?

Stress that’s related to your work situation can affect your sleep. Do you find your mind races at night about your job?

Some people even report that they might still sleep well at home, but their energy seeps away at the office.

If you keep pushing yourself during this time, your health will suffer. Chronic fatigue can cause you to make mistakes at work.

Talk to a doctor if you’re feeling exhausted and let your superiors know. You might need to take some time off to get the proper rest your body needs.

4. Are You Having a Hard Time Concentrating?

A sign that you’re feeling stressed is if you feel disengaged from your work. If you’re trying to process a bunch of things at once, you can’t focus on your tasks.

If you’re noticing you can’t concentrate well, consider taking a few breaks. Look for a project at work that excites you. This will help you feel more motivated, and your ability to concentrate will improve.

5. No Sense of Balance

If bad habits are creeping into your life, this is a sign you need a break. Overindulging in drink, food, or smoking means your mind’s trying to find a way to relax.

These things can become detrimental to your physical and mental health over time. Try to head to the gym instead of consuming greasy food. Instead of drinking alone at home, head out for a few social drinks with your friends.

6. Avoiding Family and Friends

Have you started to withdraw from social situations? When people cut themselves off from their loved ones, they are suffering in some manner.

If you’re feeling drained and overwhelmed from work, you might need to seek help. You will feel isolated and depressed if you stay away from your network.

Try to stay in touch with your family and friends when you’re feeling down about work. They might have some insight on how you can address these issues. You will feel encouraged when the time comes to talk to your boss about time off.

7. Do You Feel Inadequate?

Another sign that you’re facing career burnout is if you start to feel useless in your job position. People face imposter syndrome at times, but if you face it all the time, it can become overwhelming.

When you feel like you aren’t suitable for your role or that you can’t do it anymore, it’s hard to get past this feeling. Speak to your boss and close network to try and deal with these feelings.

8. Do You Get Angry or Frustrated?

Are you having fits of anger or tears that are uncharacteristic? Do you notice you are arguing a lot with your family and friends when you didn’t before?

You could be suffering from career burnout. Emotional outbursts reveal that you need to focus on your health, and you need a break.

Consider taking some time off work. Go on holiday abroad or relax at home and pursue some of your hobbies. This will help you put things into perspective.

It’s worth contacting a doctor or therapist to talk through how you’re feeling. Go for a massage to relieve stress.

9. Is Your Physical Health Suffering?

Stress can affect our bodies in a negative manner. Above everything, you need to make your physical health a priority.

Headaches, colds, flu, and other illnesses are also signs of burnout from work. Your immune system will weaken if you’re suffering from exhaustion.

Others report that they have shortness of break, dizziness, and chest pain. If you’re experiencing these symptoms, call your local physician right away.

Talk with your doctor to get a diagnosis if the stress from work is affecting your health. Keep your bosses in the loop.

Now You Know More About Career Burnout

We hope this guide on signs of burnout was helpful. If you’re suffering from career burnout, contact a health professional today.

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