How to Grow Long Hair Faster? 7 Tried-And-Tested Tips From Experts

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For some people, growing long strong hair is something that just happens, and for others (most others), we need to try a little harder to achieve those long flowing locks. 

Whether you’re trying to grow out a bad hair cut, noticing some extra shedding, or just looking to have all-around longer stronger hair, it all comes down to one thing – self-care! 

Yup, you read that right. The supplements you take, the products you use (or don’t use), and even the food you eat can dramatically affect the health of your hair. 

Read on for some of the best and simplest tips for growing long hair fast. 

7 Tips For Growing Long Hair Fast

Don’t give up on your hair goals just yet. With these tried-and-tested tips, you too can grow stronger-longer hair.

1. Get Regular Trims 

The more often you trim your hair the longer it will grow without split ends. Split ends cause hair to lose length as they curl upwards, and give the appearance of dead and unhealthy hair – exactly what we’re trying to avoid.

2. Skip The Daily Shampoo 

The less you shampoo your hair the healthier your hair will become. By shampooing your hair 2-3 times per week you’re giving your natural oils the chance to hydrate and balance your hair and scalp.       

3. Eat a Hair Healthy Diet 

By now we all know that your diet can have drastic effects on your skin, but it can also make or break the health of your hair.

Eating foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, and iron can help balance the natural oils in your hair. You can strengthen your hair by eating protein-rich foods like eggs, chicken, and beans. To promote hydration and shine, eat greens rich in vitamins A, C, and E. 

4. Take Your Vitamins 

Biotin is the superstar of hair vitamins. With its ability to strengthen and promote hair and nail growth, it is one of the most popular hair growth supplants available. Hair supporting vitamin blends, like SugarBearHair, is the perfect way to get all the hair love you need in one easy step per day.        

5. Sleep on a Silk Pillowcase

It might sound crazy, but sleeping on a silk pillowcase can help you get better sleep, smoother skin, and reduce hair breakage. By reducing hair breakage your hair will become longer and stronger than ever before! 

6. Use Less Heat Products 

Heat products damage your hair causing breakage, frizz, and preventing growth. If you can’t completely cut out the styling tools, try reducing the number of times you heat style per week. You’ll notice a difference in your hair after just one day of natural hair. 

7. Take Special Care When Brushing Wet Hair 

Your hair is especially susceptible to breakage when it’s wet. Opt for dry brushing your hair before you shower and hand combing after. If you must brush your hair when wet, try using a wet brush or wide-tooth comb to reduce hair breakage.  

Are You Ready For The Best Hair of Your Life? 

We all know you can’t grow long strong hair overnight, but with a healthy routine and lots (and lots) of patients, you’re sure to get the long, strong, flowing hair of your dreams. 

Want more tips for growing long hair fast? Check out the blog for more healthy hair tips and tricks. 

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