What to Wear Now and Top Fashion Tips from the Pros

//What to Wear Now and Top Fashion Tips from the Pros
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You rummage through your closest, hoping to find the outfit that will turn heads and capture hearts. But you can’t seem to find the one. And even if you do find one you like, you’re not 100% sure if it’ll get you sneers or cheers when you step out of the house.

Not knowing what to wear now can leave you feeling insecure and even a little stressed. Fortunately, a few pointers can help you to keep on top of the latest fashion.

Here’s a rundown on the top tips for dressing from the pros in 2020.

Let’s jump in!

Oversized Puff Sleeves

One of the most in-vogue fashion trends this spring got its start in the Victorian era.

Today, Victorian-inspired dress or blouse sleeves are perfect to sport, as they make your waist look smaller. Plus, they give your ensemble a feminine touch right away.

Try to look for soft hues during the spring season. Or, stick with gray or black if you’re looking for a more neutral look.

Coats, Boilersuits, and Jumpsuits Made from Faux Leather

This year couldn’t be a better time to invest in a coat made from faux leather as well. This long-line piece is an excellent option if you’re looking for a high-fashion and sleek piece with a hint of grunge. Plus, it’ll keep you feeling toasty in cooler weather.

If you’re fanatical about faux leather, then be sure to also add a faux leather boilersuit and jumpsuit to your wardrobe. These one-piece suits are edgy and versatile, as you can look great in them at any event.

For instance, you can look exceptionally feminine in a pink suit. Or, you can keep yourself looking cool by wearing a black suit. Some stunning sandals and boots are excellent for completing your look and making it hard to miss.

Feminine Dresses and Chunky Boots

Nineties grunge has come back in style, and there’s no better way to join the grunge train than with a feminine dress and some trendy chunky boots.

Maybe you absolutely love block colors. Or, perhaps you prefer bold patterns. Either way, look for a maxi dress featuring a waist that is cinched to display your feminine side.

Then, pair your dress with some nice combat boots. With this pairing, you’ll feel like you can take the world on.

Bucket Hats Featuring Pastel Colors

Looking for a way to look cute while still keeping the sun’s ultraviolet rays at bay? Try a bucket hat this spring. Specifically, spring for a soft beige or lemon-colored one.

The reality is, a pastel hat is a trendy accessory that will make you look impressive in every season. And what’s great about it is its versatility. In other words, you can wear this hat with just about anything.

Printed Stockings and Tops That Match

Love prints? Be sure to wear the combination of printed stockings and tops this season. These two items make for a sleek outfit that will no doubt be memorable.

Whether you prefer a more punk style or a girly one, you can sport prints confidently. The great thing about printed stockings and shirts is that they will allow you to stand out for all the right reasons.

Pro Tips

As you shop for your favorite fashion pieces this spring, remember that the colors you wear don’t necessarily have to match. Instead, try to find colors that will enhance each other. In addition, choose accessories with diverse textures and colors to further improve your look.

Furthermore, try to balance your proportions when you dress. For instance, if your torso is donning a fitted blouse, try to wear wide-leg pants to balance things out.

In addition, let’s say that your body is pear shaped. Don forgettable black trousers. Then, wear a bold, stunning scarf to draw people’s attention to your upper half.

Don’t Forget the Bra

Remember that what you wear beneath your clothing — your bra — is just as important as the clothing as well.

Why? Because if your bra does not fit properly, you’ll experience bulging and sagging. The right bra will make your silhouette look trim from all angles.

Settle on a Style

Finally, as you figure out how to update your style, make sure that above everything else, you focus on identifying your signature style.

Not sure where to start? First, picture the specific outfits you feel the most comfortable wearing. Alternatively, you can ask friends or family what looks best on you.

After you have pinpointed what works for you, find a different take on each one. For instance, let’s say that you love jackets. Try to add several types of jackets to your closet — such as a denim version and a bomber version.

Once you find the perfect outfit, you’ll know immediately. Talking yourself into wearing the outfit won’t be necessary. Instead, you’ll know for certain that you look fabulous, dahling!

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