Not a Minor Injury: When Should You Get a Worker’s Compensation Lawyer?

//Not a Minor Injury: When Should You Get a Worker’s Compensation Lawyer?
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Slips, trips, and falls account for 26% of nonfatal work injuries that cause people to miss days from work. Over 229,000 of these injuries occur due to contact with objects and equipment. If you were injured on the job, you could miss work or develop a serious disability.

Those medical bills and other expenses can add up fast. Instead of trying to handle the situation alone, consider hiring an experienced worker’s compensation lawyer.

They can help build a case to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

Unsure if you have a case? Here are nine situations that can indicate it’s time to contact a lawyer. If any of these sound familiar, don’t wait!

Here are nine reasons you should contact a worker’s comp lawyer right away. 

1. Pre-Existing Conditions

Do you have an underlying health condition? If so, your employer might use it as a reason to deny your benefits. Don’t let a pre-existing condition become the reason you can’t make a claim.

Instead, consider hiring a worker’s compensation attorney. They’ll make a case on your behalf in front of your employer or the insurance companies. With a workman’s comp lawyer at your side, you can prove your pre-existing condition didn’t cause your current injury.

Your lawyer will help prove your pre-existing health issues aren’t related to the accident.

Without an experienced lawyer fighting your case, however, the insurance company might disqualify you from receiving the benefits you deserve. 

2. Denied Benefits

There are a number of reasons your worker’s compensation benefits could get denied. If you’re receiving medical treatment and missing work, you need to receive your benefits right away. Otherwise, the bills could start stacking up.

The pain you’re in, along with your injury, could also impact your overall quality of life.

If your claim was denied or you’re not receiving benefits right away, lawyer up! A qualified worker’s comp lawyer could give you a second chance. Once you appeal, they can build a strong case that helps you receive the compensation you deserve.

Your lawyer will know which documents you need to prove your case. They’ll also help you file your claim correctly. Even one miss-step could leave you with another denied claim. 

Without their help, however, you might miss out on those benefits completely.

3. Your Employer

Sometimes, your employer will feel more motivated to cover their best interests, rather than consider yours. In some cases, they might refuse to acknowledge the accident or your injuries. Your employer might ignore the fact that your job responsibilities caused your injuries altogether. 

By hiring a knowledgeable worker’s compensation lawyer, you can build a strong case for yourself. Your lawyer will use evidence, witness statements, and expert witnesses to prove your claim.

With the right evidence, they can establish a link between your work responsibilities and your current injuries. Without strong evidence, however, the insurance company could deny your claim.

If your employer is refusing to acknowledge your injuries, hire a worker’s compensation attorney right away. 

4. Severe Injuries

About 5,250 workers died from a work-related injury in a single year. Many of the people who survive their injuries are too badly injured to work, resulting in lost wages. 

If you have a permanent or long-term injury, you’ll probably need serious, long-term treatment. In some situations, the insurance company might try to reduce your benefits. That way, they’re no longer responsible for covering the costs of your treatments. 

If you sustained serious injuries as the result of a work accident, make sure to contact an experienced worker’s compensation attorney. You should focus all of your attention on healing; not on fighting. By working with a top-notch lawyer, you can secure the benefits you need to cover your medications and treatment. 

5. Benefits Won’t Cover It

Make sure to calculate your wage loss benefits correctly. Otherwise, you might receive less than you deserve. As a result, you might have an issue covering your medical bills. 

Instead, you’ll have to pay a deductible or some of the costs out of pocket. 

If you’re worried your benefits won’t cover your medical bills and lost wages, contact a worker’s comp lawyer. They’ll make sure you receive the benefits you need to cover your medical bills.

Otherwise, you’ll find yourself on your own. 

6. Claims Against Third Parties

The worker’s compensation program is designed to protect employers from potential civil claims. If you were injured at work, however, you might want to consider filing a civil claim. For example, if a piece of machinery caused your injury, it could potentially hurt others as well.

Filing a civil claim could help you receive compensation for non-economic and economic damages, which could produce a larger settlement. 

You don’t have to navigate the complexities of filing a civil claim on your own. By working with a workman’s comp lawyer, you can build your case and maximize your claim.


7. Workplace Retaliation

Does it seem like your employer is retaliating against you after you filed your claim? For example, they might demote you, cut your hours, or even terminate your employment. Speak with a worker’s comp attorney right away.

A worker’s comp lawyer will help prove your employer is violating public policy. They’ll also make sure you receive the proper compensation despite your employer’s behavior.

Still unsure about hiring a worker’s compensation lawyer? Discover the answer to, “what do workers comp lawyers do?” to learn more before making a choice. 

8. An Upcoming Hearing

If the insurance company refuses to pay up, you might have to prove your case in a workers’ comp hearing. Don’t walk into a hearing alone. Instead, work with a lawyer who can represent you and your best interests. 

9. Your Ability to Work

The insurance company and your employer might argue you can still return to work despite your injuries. Your employer might try to suspect or reduce your benefits by coaxing you back to work. If you believe your injury is too severe to return to work, contact a lawyer.

They can prove your injury is too severe for you to start working right away. 

Make Your Claim: 9 Situations Where a Compensation Lawyer Can Help

Ready to make your claim? Lawyer up! If you find yourself in one of these situations, hire a compensation lawyer right away.

They’ll protect your best interests and ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. 

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