3 Keys to Self Defense for Women in the Workplace

//3 Keys to Self Defense for Women in the Workplace
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Unfortunately, the possibility of a gunman entering your workplace and shooting is more of a reality than it ever has been. Although mass shootings in schools often make headline news, it’s far more likely for shootings to take place in business premises.

No-one ever expects the worse to happen but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be prepared for it. Would you know what to do if a gunman entered your place of work? As a woman, some basic self-defense for women could save your life in a situation like this. Here are some tips:

Know the Exits

The best way you can defend yourself is to get out of the situation entirely. If you’re working in a large office, make sure you know all the exit points, including fire escapes. This is so you can quickly recall the nearest exit, no matter where you are in the building.

If you know a gunman is in the building but he hasn’t reached you yet, stay low and quickly make your way to the exit door. Keep moving until your clear of the building and only then should you make a call to 911.

Find a Hiding Place

The last thing you want to do is use that Karate move you learned last week on a gunman. Don’t put yourself in any unnecessary danger. If you can’t get out of the building, find a place to hide.  

Avoid hiding in toilet cubicles or glass-doored conference rooms. Neither of these will stop a bullet if the gunman decides to shoot his way in. The best rooms are the ones with thick walls and doors that open inwards. These doors can be barricaded with filing cabinets or desks.

If the office you’re in is one the first or second floor, you could consider jumping out of a window. Smash the glass from the top corner if you need to and then hang from your legs to ensure the distance is as short as possible.

Fight Back

Fighting should be used as a last resort but you should never just sit and wait to be shot. In the event of a shooter entering the room you’re in, find as many weapons as you can. Offices are often full of mugs, scissors, staplers and more.

Keep in mind the things you could use on your desk in the event of an attack. Throw objects directly at the shooter’s face so he has difficulty in aiming his gun. When the shooter is distracted, it’s your opportunity to strike. Tell everyone in the room to swarm him at the same time. 

The risk of being shot during this swarm is very high, but it could mean hundreds of lives are saved if the shooter is caught and disarmed. Take a look at some more tips from Fighting Chance Solutions.

Self-Defense for Women in the Event of a Shooter

Self-defense for women usually involves overpowering an assailant but when it comes to defending yourself from a shooter, protecting yourself should be your number one priority. Take a look at some more top tips for women in business.

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