Coworker Appreciation: The Best Ways to Say Thank You to Colleagues

//Coworker Appreciation: The Best Ways to Say Thank You to Colleagues
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Being a part of a company and hitting that company’s goals is all about teamwork among the staff.

Without teamwork, each employee will start to feel isolated and lose sight of the overall objective. With teamwork, everyone will realize that you’re all in this thing together.

Still, there are some coworkers of yours that go above and beyond being a good teammate. They cover for you in times of need, they cover for your weaknesses at times.

Whatever the case may be, they deserve a whole-hearted thank you for their efforts.

Here are ways to show a coworker appreciation and make sure their hard work doesn’t go unnoticed!

1. Say It, Don’t Delay It

While the other ways of thanking your coworkers on this list are incredibly valuable, nothing may mean more to them than an old-fashioned, in-person thank you.

There’s no better way to show how genuinely grateful that you are both for what they did as well as having them on your team.

However, it’s not enough to merely say “thank you” and move on with your day. 

You need to have an in-depth thank you prepared for such occasions. Make sure that your statement of appreciation is laid out in a “thank you sandwich” format.

Start with a genuine thank you, be sure to mention what they did specifically, recognize the hard work that it took to complete the task, and then end it with another thank you.

Using this technique will let your coworker know that their hard work didn’t go unnoticed. Anyone can thank them for the end result, but the fact that you recognize how much work it took to do so will make them feel more accomplished.

2. Send Them Flowers

Seriously… is there any better way to make someone smile and feel loved than by sending them flowers?

Flowers don’t just show a coworker that you’re grateful for how fantastic they are, it shows them that you love them for it.

In fact, these reasons highlight all that sending flowers can offer for the recipient.

However, you may struggle with figuring out which types of flowers that you should send them. After all, how are you supposed to know what their favorite type of flower is? That’s not an everyday conversation people have with each other.

Not to mention that the type of flower you give them may send the wrong impression, and you certainly don’t want that.

Feel out what the occasion calls for. It should be noted that the flowers aren’t the only essential piece to a proper thank you. They need to include a thank you card as well (more on that in a moment).

Because of that, you just need to focus on the quality of the flowers.

Who cares if you’re sending them chrysanthemums? Make sure they’re the best-darn-looking chrysanthemums ever and you’ll blow your recipient away.

Not to mention, flowers are a great way for your coworker to brag a bit about their hard work. People will ask where the flowers came from, and they get to flaunt about both their hard work and the fact that you got the flowers for them.

3. Bring in Their Favorite “Spot”

Everyone in the modern workplace has a go-to “spot”. Whether it’s for coffee, tea, soda, donuts, or any other form of energy… everybody has one.

Better yet, it’s probably well-known of what each of your coworkers’ favorite spots is in town. Even if you don’t know what theirs is, someone else in the office will.

That’s your opportunity to capitalize and make them feel the sincerity of your appreciation.

However, don’t just single them out and bring donuts or coffee for just them. Have the whole department or office (depending on size) partake.

If they love Starbucks coffee, then buy a coffee traveler at the nearest location and share it with everyone. Doing so will give you a great opportunity to “break bread” by performing a toast to your coworker in front of everyone else.

You may embarrass them a bit by thanking them in front of everyone. But, they’ll appreciate the effort you’re making in going above and beyond to show them the love they deserve!

4. Thank You Cards

Thank you cards can be the cherry on top in making sure your coworker feels appreciated for all that they do.

In a modern-day where technology has made it easy to communicate as quickly as possible, thank you cards show that you’ve set aside time and effort.

You took the time to write out a well-worded note by hand and list out everything that you appreciate about them specifically.

Not only that, but it gives them a physical emblem of their hard work that they can hang on their wall and read over and over again. Perfect for those times they’re feeling discouraged in the future.

If you’re looking for a way of rewarding them for their efforts as well, be sure to throw in a gift card to their favorite place. 

The amount on the gift card doesn’t matter. They’ll appreciate the gesture and feel all of your gratefulness simultaneously.

Showing Your Coworker Appreciation Has Never Been Easier!

Now that you’ve seen numerous ways of showing your coworker appreciation, it’s time to spread the love!

It doesn’t matter whether you choose one of these or several of them, your coworker will feel your gratefulness and appreciate it all the same.

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