DIY Design: How to Make a Small Kitchen Look Bigger

//DIY Design: How to Make a Small Kitchen Look Bigger
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A small kitchen isn’t any less functional than a large one. You can do just as much cooking and baking in your small kitchen as you would in a larger one. The trick is to know how to use space efficiently.

With a larger kitchen, there’s not much work involved when it comes to utilizing the space for optimal productivity. When working in a smaller kitchen, you will need to use a few tricks and tips to ensure that you’re getting the most out of it. Although it might take a bit of planning and a good redesign, it is possible.

If your kitchen is too small for your liking, then learn how to make a small kitchen look bigger with a few simple tricks. Continue reading below to learn all about these tricks that’ll transform your kitchen in no time!

1. Go All White

If you’re familiar with the idea that wearing all black clothing slims you down, then you’ll understand this trick. If you were to paint your small kitchen a dark color with dark-colored cabinets, then it’s going to look a lot smaller. For a small kitchen, stick to brighter and lighter colors to make it look larger than what it is.

An all-white kitchen is a trick to do just that. Use white paint on the walls, a white backsplash, white kitchen cabinets, and a light wood countertop. A white ceiling and crown molding are other touches you can incorporate to add space.

2. Bring Nature In

If you can connect your kitchen to the outdoors, then your kitchen layout will increase in size instantly. If possible, install large windows anywhere in your kitchen where it would make sense, such as above your sink looking into the backyard. Install wide french doors leading from your kitchen or even nearby dining room out onto your back porch and let in the natural light.

After installing large windows or french doors, you’ll want to ensure that you keep them free of any obstructions. Don’t place items in front of them or heavy curtains on them. And when you’re able to, keep them open.

Bringing nature and the outdoors into your kitchen enhances its size with minimal effort.

3. Open Shelving

When your counter space is limited, open shelving is a must. Open shelving doesn’t take up as much space as traditional cabinets would, but they get the job done just the same. You can layer open shelves on top of one another to create a shelving area.

Consider using a longer piece for the top shelf. Here, you can store items that you don’t use as often. Below, hang two smaller shelves for more frequently-used dishes. For knives, you can place a magnetic strip on the refrigerator to hang them on.

This saves you space rather than placing them in a holder on the counter.

4. Low-Contrasting Colors

Another great way to trick the eye into thinking a space is larger than it is, is to use low-contrasting colors. If an all-white kitchen isn’t favorable, then consider using any other lighter shade of colors as long as they blend well with one another. One example is to use shades of grey.

Light grey cabinets, with a grey speckled backsplash, and a white countertop with grey patterns in it will make your kitchen look larger than what it really is. When using colors that have a high contrast such as mixing dark colors with light colors, you create a more closed-off space.

Use soft colors that are easy on the eyes and shades that are similar to it.

5. Glass Cabinets

The more transparency you have, the more open space you create. Make your kitchen look much bigger than what it is by removing your cabinet doors. You can either decide to leave the cabinets without doors or replace them with glass.

This allows you to look past where the cabinet doors would have been and into the cabinets themselves, giving the area more depth. However, keep in mind that with no doors or glass doors, everyone will be able to see what’s in your cabinets. Keep everything inside the cabinets organized and color-coordinated if you want to maintain this additional depth.

If there’s clutter in the cabinets, the area will look smaller.

6. Clever Storage

Investing in clever storage ideas is another great tip. It saves you space and makes your kitchen look bigger. Think of ways that you can add storage options to your current kitchen design without using more space.

A corner appliance storage unit saves space and hides all of those kitchen appliances that you might not use all the time. This could be a toaster, coffee maker, and other appliances.

7. Horizontal Stripes

Another trick for your small kitchen that is also used in clothing is the horizontal stripes trick. As you may know, clothes with horizontal stripes tend to make your body look wider than what it is. If you use horizontal stripes in your kitchen, you’ll achieve this same look.

Consider using a flooring pattern with stripes on it. The horizontal stripes on the floor will make the kitchen look a lot larger than what it actually is. There are laminate tiles that you can use to create this pattern without spending a lot of money.

Do You Know How to Make a Small Kitchen Look Bigger?

If you need to learn how to make a small kitchen look bigger, then we hope this guide was helpful. Use these tips and tricks in your own kitchen’s design to create the space you want and need!

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