Kiss This House Goodbye: 5 Unmistakeable Signs It’s Time to Move

//Kiss This House Goodbye: 5 Unmistakeable Signs It’s Time to Move
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Over 35 million adults in the U.S. move every year. Sometimes the relocation is due to a new job or other major lifestyle change. But what if you don’t necessarily have to move, yet your property no longer feels like home sweet home to you?

Just like ending a relationship or leaving a job, sometimes it’s necessary to say goodbye to a home as well. Here are five strong signs that it’s time to move and list your house for sale.

1. You Need to Downsize or Upgrade

If you find your home suddenly has too much space or not enough, that can become a strong incentive to move. You may have a young family that is adding a new member to your brood, or an empty nester who suddenly finds yourself waking up in an empty house every day.

When choosing a home, it’s important to consider if the size and storage space fits your needs for the next several years. As life brings changes, however, that can mean searching for a more suitably sized house.

2. Your Home Needs Too Many Repairs

If your home needs so many repairs that you wouldn’t be able to make a profit on selling it even after fixing it, then it may be best to cut your losses and sell it now. A house that has never received upgrades, has signs of termites, or was damaged by a fire or flood can be sold in as in condition or for cash.

Real estate is an investment, but unfortunately not every property can deliver a return.

3. Your Neighborhood is Declining

If you’ve found that the crime rate is getting worse in your town or city, the school system is doing poorly, and businesses keep folding, it may be time to look elsewhere to live. This can be especially true if you have children and are concerned about their well-being. There’s no shame in finding a new place to live before the problem gets worse.

Neighbors who don’t tend to their property and their home’s appearance can be another reason to leave, as it can bring your property value down.

4. Air and Noise Pollution Are a Problem

Heavy traffic, air pollutants, and noisy neighbors can make life miserable, no matter how well you upkeep your home and property. Moving to a quieter, cleaner neighborhood can relieve stress and help you sleep better.

5. The Real Estate Market is Hot

A tight real estate market for buyers means properties for sale are likely to attract higher bids. If you’ve been thinking about selling and your home is in good shape with attractive features, listing it during a hot real estate market will help maximize your profit.

Know When It’s Time to Move

In addition to these five signs, you can also feel it in your gut when you know it’s time to move. Your home is where you spend a lot of your time, so it’s important to feel safe and comfortable in the right abode and location.

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