10 Going out Hairstyles to Try This Weekend

//10 Going out Hairstyles to Try This Weekend
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How do you style your crown?

How you wear, your hair can make or break your outfit. It can also change your look entirely. Will you show your full face or half of it?

Hair up or down? Hair curly or straight? High pony or low?

Your hair helps you to rock different looks and you can play around with it to make your intended statement.

Looking for new going out hairstyles for your next night out? Try one of these new ‘dos and watch your social life transform.

Best Going out Hairstyles

Glam hairstyles make it easy for you to have fun when you are down for a day or night out about the town. To make your search for an outfit easier, start by doing your hair.
Take one of these options and style them to suit your new do!

1. Big Curls and Waves

If you have voluminous hair, big curls, and waves, you might want to consider wearing your natural curls out. You can let your hair down and bounce around playfully on your shoulders.

If you would like to add some character to it, you can pin a small section with a hair accessory or a pin. This head-turning look can be achieved by using hair extensions to add some volume and doing your hair with a curling iron that is 1 ½ to 2 inches wide. You can see more on hair wigs and extensions if you want to add more volume to your hair.

2. Double Braid (Side Swept)

This “low effort” look gives you an angelic feel of running through fields. After you clip hair extensions, curl your hair and French braid large sections on one side of your head all the way down and then secure it with bobby pins. On the other side of your head, you should then create smaller braids that are three-stranded and thereafter tuck the braid ends behind your ear.

Although this may be a tricky style to grasp, it is perfect and the more you practice, the more perfect you shall get at it.

3. High Ponytail

You probably want to have an action-packed time and do not want your hair getting all on your face. Long hair is good but it is at times hard to manage, and that is why a hair up idea is sometimes welcome.

This is a sleek and realistic hairstyle, which can also stay neat for long. This hairstyle will show off your beauty. To smooth the flyaway and the stubborn hair that does not stay in form, you can add a drop if hair oil.

The best thing about wearing a high pony is that you can play around with it to achieve different looks. You can make it a wavy and lengthy one, tie it up in a bun, or put on hair accessories.

4. Messy Bun

You probably have had a lot to do and that is why you need a night out to wind down. The messy bun is a simple hairstyle for a party. Since you are probably overwhelmed and have little time to style your hair, the messy bun would be the best style for you.

It will look cute and stylish yet you will have put in minimal effort. This is a favorite style for many and is one that just ensures that you are ready to go!

5. Twisted Bun

If you are up for a night out where you are to look formal or casual, this hairstyle does it. It is simple and takes little effort and time. The focus of the twisted bun hairstyle is the spiral element.

You then style it with minimal loose strands around your face and ensure volume is at the crown of your head.

6. Bouffant Style

The sky-high bouffant look is good for voluminous hair that helps in achieving a glamorous look. It is bold and brings some bounce to your every step, giving you that head-turning effect. It’s a vintage look from the 60s but is still sexy and does well as a hairstyle for a fun night out.

To achieve this look, you are to style your hair by raising it high on the head and let it hang down in your sides, usually covering your ears.

7. Fauxhawk

Not everyone is brave enough to do the Mohawk and that is why we have the Fauxhawk. This is an edgy look and ideal night hairstyle, which just says ‘I’m confident and I’m ready to seize the night!’

This style will stay put for a longer period. Afro hair is the best to achieve this look. You can braid the middle part of your head till the middle of your head and secure.

It just at the back of your head and let it flow down to your neck. You then comb the sides of your hair near the braided part down. This looks even better if you have curls and waves.

8. High Ballet Bun

This hairstyle never grows old and is perfect for both a professional and casual look. It is pretty and flattering. To help you make a perfect ballet bun, you can use a donut bun maker.

Wearing this hairstyle just oozes confidence and you will ooze class. If you are shy about having a shiny or big forehead, this is the best hairstyle for you.

9. Half up Half Down

Your hair may be lengthy and voluminous and thus, wearing it all up or all down may make it hard to manage it. Therefore, the half up, half down style makes it easier for you. This is an edgy, trendy, and flirty hairstyle. It is perfect and very simple to make.

10. Sleek and Straight

You probably have minimal time to clip, flip, or curl your hair. Luckily, the straight hairstyle still makes you look sleek. Confident and is easy to prepare as you step out to have some fun. It is a simple but classy look.

Stay Gorgeous by Rocking These Going out Hairstyles

These going out hairstyles are just some of the ideas on how you can look and stay happy, beautiful, and stylish. As always,

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