Top 10 Tips for Designing Your Dream Bathroom

//Top 10 Tips for Designing Your Dream Bathroom
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In 2018, homeowners in the U.S who remodeled spent approximately $7,893 per home. Without a detailed framework about how to design a bathroom, you might end up counting losses!

Bathroom remodeling is easier than most people think, with a proper guide, you can make every single dollar count and surpass your expectations.

Marble finishes, rain showers, built in saunas… whatever you’re into, follow these 10 tips when remodeling your bathroom and make your dream bathroom a reality!

1. Bathroom Lighting Is Compulsory

Ensure that the mirror area is exposed to sufficient lighting. Wall-mount lights installed on each side of the mirror never disappoint. Use pendant lights and chandeliers to add mood and style to the bathroom.

2. Let the Bathtub Make a Statement

The focal point of a stylish bathroom is the bathtub! Try unique designs such as a tub resting on a pedestal base. Baths with an unfinished exterior also look great.

Try a bold style where the decking is a waterproof material covered in stones or tiles. The material you choose for piping enhances the functionality of the bathroom. For this service, hire experienced professionals.

3. An Efficient Layout Counts

Any outstanding bathroom has to deal with vent stacks, water lines, lighting plans, and plumbing drains. Generally, bathroom floor plans are categorized into one, two, or three-wet-wall layouts.

Step out of your comfort zone and try the two-wall or three-wall layouts that gives you more flexibility and versatility.

4. Sinks Matter

Self-rimming bathroom sinks are economical, but their perimeter lip tends to collect dirt. Go for undermount or integral bathroom sinks that are not only easy to wipe but attractive.  

5. Spa Shower Design

Bring that spa-resort experience to your dream bathroom. Examples of things you can do are installing a wide range of spray heads, handheld showerheads, and body sprays. Use frameless glass doors and waterproof floors, ceilings, and cover walls.

6. Wondering How to Design a Bathroom? Work on Cabinetry

Install cabinets with semi-custom options or custom-design them fully. Stock cabinets are relatively cheap, but they can limit creativity. Although custom-built cabinets can be expensive, you can dictate the price by choosing from a wide range of accessories, finishes, and material.

7. Flooring

Bathroom floors should be slip-resistant, attractive, and water-resistant. Some luxurious and functional options are ceramic and stone tiles. Avoid highly polished tiles because they slip when wet.

8. Play With Color

Color can calm you down, sooth, and energize you. The main areas to consider when selecting color are fabric and walls. Hues in tiles, bathtub, and cabinetry wood determine color personality.

9. Amenities Seal the Deal

Include features such as sound systems and televisions to make your bathroom more appealing. In-floor radiant heating helps to make the entire room warm. Takes things to a higher level with a gas-insert fireplace.

10. Add Softness to Windows

Add softness to windows and make them absorb sound by dressing them in fabric. The fabric also gives room to introduce unique patterns and color. Additionally, fabric window treatment help to resist humidity.

These tips will answer all your questions about how to design a bathroom of your dream. Check out our website for more unique ideas.

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