The 10 Best Wedding Favors Ideas (For Gifts That Aren’t Completely Useless)

//The 10 Best Wedding Favors Ideas (For Gifts That Aren’t Completely Useless)
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There are 2.4 million weddings every year in the U.S. Chances are, you’ll eventually plan a wedding if you aren’t already planning one now.

There are many aspects of wedding planning, and wedding favors are a long tradition.

You want to thank your guests for attending, and what better way to do this than with a gift. But let’s face it — most wedding favors are completely useless.

Why settle for a basic wedding favor when you can give your guests something truly special? And something they will actually use (and will want to use)? Here are 10 useful wedding favor ideas.

10 Wedding Favor Ideas That Your Guests Will Actually Want

Wedding favors have an incredible history. That’s why they deserve as much attention as every other aspect of your wedding. Here are the wedding favors that your guests will actually want.

1. Customized Towels

Towels seem simple, but they’re one of the most useful items your guests can ever use.

Whether they’re hand towels for the kitchen or larger towels for the bathroom, no one can ever deny a free towel. Customize these towels with the bride and groom’s name and the date of the wedding.

You can display this favor in the most elegant manner. Drape them on each chair or on the table. These are also the most perfect favor if you’re hosting a beach wedding.

2. Mini Bottles

Face it; your guests will get lit at your wedding. Give them the gift that keeps on giving — alcohol!

As much as you’ll love to buy each guest a whole bottle of champagne, this probably doesn’t fit your budget. But do you know what will? Mini bottles!

Buy a set of mini bottles and adorn them with a custom wrap. Fill them with your favorite liquor or wine. You can also leave the bottles empty and let guests will them at the open bar.

3. Seeds

This seems like an odd wedding favor, but it’s very useful and affordable.

Buy seeds for each of your guests so they can grow them. The seeds can be flowers, fruit, vegetables, herbs, or anything you want.

Does the bride have a favorite flower that was featured in her bouquet? Give the guests the seeds to grow that flower. You can even ask the guests what they want to grow and give each their own personalized seeds.

4. Cocktail Shakers

If you know your guests are going to party during the wedding (and after they leave), then leave them with one of the most useful bar accessories — a cocktail shaker. Your guests will use them for years after your wedding.

But don’t settle for the standard-looking cocktail shakers. Personalize each in your wedding colors. Wrap them with wedding mementos such as the names of the bride and groom with a sincere message.

5. Hot Chocolate Mix

Are you hosting a winter wedding? You’ll want to warm your guests up! This is why the hot chocolate mix is the perfect wedding favor.

Contact your favorite hot chocalateur and ask them to supply your favorite hot chocolate.

Fill customizable vials with the mix. Customize the vials with mementos such as the initials of the bride and groom. You can even include the marshmallows!

Include instructions on creating the best hot chocolate with the mix.

6. Basic Cooking Ingredients

Are the bride and groom chefs or just love to cook? Show off your love of cooking by giving the gift all chefs need — ingredients!

Everyone needs basic cooking ingredients. This includes herbs, garlic, sweeteners, onion, salt, and pepper. Supply these basic cooking essentials to your guests.

Fill them in customizable jars with a sweet message and cute artwork depicting what’s inside of the jars.

If you want to take this a step further, give fresh ingredients such as tomatoes, avocado, and other recipe favorites.

7. Baked Goods

Are the bride and groom foodies, but have a sweet tooth? Every guest will appreciate baked goods! Donuts, cakes, cookies, ice cream, the list goes on! If you want to ensure you please every guest, no one can pass up a sweet!

Contact your favorite bakery and see if they can whip up some fresh baked goods. If you’re a baker, see if you can bake special goods for each guest.

Make sure you store the goods in customizable packagings, such as packaging with the bride and groom’s initials.

8. Bars of Soap

Everyone needs soap. Not only does soap keep our hands clean, but it also smells amazing. Create customizable and artisanal soap. On the soap bars, print the names of the bride and groom. Scent the soap with your favorite fragrance.

Keep in mind; you’ll want to avoid any ingredients that cause allergies. Do your research before making the soap. You can always ask a small business to make the soaps.

9. Custom Coffee Mugs

Do you love coffee (or tea)? Everyone can use a mug, whether for a hot cup of Joe or a cup of tea before bed. You can customize mugs at many different places, and you can easily add your initials and wedding colors to the mug.

Chances are, your guests will use your wedding mugs more than you think!

10. Photo Frame

Give your guests something they will always remember! Offer a custom photo frame. Everyone can use a photo frame — they make the perfect décor pieces always remind us of good memories.

Color the frame with your wedding colors and print a sweet thank you message on the frame. Your guests can print out their favorite photo of the wedding or use another image of their choice.

From Food to Frames — These Wedding Favors Will Be Cherished

No matter when or where you get married, every bride and groom need to plan the wedding favors. But don’t settle for generic favors! Your guests can get lots of use out of these wedding favor ideas.

Need more wedding advice? We can help you with wedding style and wedding beauty!

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