5 Key Qualities to Look for When Shopping for a Leather Bag

//5 Key Qualities to Look for When Shopping for a Leather Bag
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The global leather luggage and products market is predicted to grow to $94.7 billion by 2020. Leather luggage includes products like suitcases and trolley bags for carrying personal items. A leather bag is also part of these products, both for men and women. 

A quality leather bag can last for years if you select one carefully. Remember, not all leather bags are created the same. You don’t want to spend 1,000 on a leather bag and have it cracking within no time. 

Here are the qualities you should look for when buying a leather bag.

1. Type of Leather Used

With the many imitations of leather on the market, you need to ensure you’re getting the best quality. Go for full grain leather. This type of leather comes with all its layers intact, making it the strongest and most natural form. 

Even after many years of use, full grain leather still looks intact and attractive. This isn’t a quality you’ll get with heavily processed or treated leather. 

One type of leather to avoid is bonded leather. These are pieces of leather treated with chemicals and mixed with plastics. It doesn’t age well and doesn’t come with a nice leather smell.

2. Country of Origin

In most times, the origin of leather determines the quality of your leather bag. There are countries known for continually producing quality leather. However, some other countries are trying to capitalize on the reputation of the countries with the best leather. 

This is where your due diligence is required. Look for premium leather whose hide selection and tanning have been performed from the reputable countries. 

3. Durability and Handwork

The best leather bag is made from the best quality leather. However, it doesn’t end here. Check the professionalism that has gone into making the bag. 

It’s not just about putting the various parts together, but more about precise stitching. It should be straight, hard to notice, and without loosely hanging threads. Check both the inner and outer surfaces for this precision. 

4. Hardware

As you inspect the leather bag you intend to buy, check the little parts. Examine their quality from both sides of the bag. Features to pay attention to include

  • Metallic rings
  • Buckles
  • Handles
  • Shoulder straps
  • Zippers 

Zippers come in two types; plastic and metallic, with the latter ones being of higher quality. If you’re purchasing the bag online, zoom in on the photos to check these parts. 

5. Color

Leather bags come in a variety of colors. Among the most common ones are brown, black, dark brown, light brown, and tan. Black and brown are the best fit for professional purposes. Tan and light brown go well with a casual environment. 

Besides, choose a color that completes your personality and general outfit. As a tip, avoid a leather bag with two different colors. You can also shop for monogrammed leather bags that offer a unique feel.

Leather Bag – Final Thoughts

A leather bag is part of the fashion statement items you should possess. However, don’t just buy a bag for the sake of it. Take your time to find a bag with the best qualities. 

On top of the list is the quality of leather. Be wary of the leather imitations on the market. Go for full grain leather and check the country of origin determines quality. 

Scrutinize the finer details like the stitching, color scheme, and hardware. Once you’re sure you’ve got the best bag, go out there and make a statement. 

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