Why Hiring a Professional Painter is Better Than Doing it Yourself

//Why Hiring a Professional Painter is Better Than Doing it Yourself
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The DIY industry continues to grow bigger every year, with experts expecting the market to have a value of $14 billion this year. From renovating old pieces of furniture to building new ones, the DIY possibilities seem endless.

However, there are some areas that you should leave to a professional, even in 2021. One of those is when you’re looking to paint your house.

So why should you hire a professional painter? 

Keep reading to learn about why you should opt for a professional painter instead of trying to do everything yourself. 

You’ll End Up With Better Results

Painting a house might seem like just throwing a few coats of paint on it and calling it a day, but as anyone who has tried it before can attest to, there’s more to it than it seems. 

You might be able to do a passable job, but if you’re not careful, you’ll end up with drips, blotches, and other rooky mistakes. You also have to ensure that you get an even amount of paint on each part of the house.

On the other hand, professional painting services paint both the interiors and exteriors of homes for a living. They know how to do it correctly, ensuring that you’re happy with the results once they finish. 

They Know How Paint Works

Most people don’t understand that there are different kinds of paint to choose from, not just different colors. The average homeowner just wants to get the job done as fast as possible, so they’ll rush to the hardware store to pick up the first can of paint that they see.

However, hardware stores have many different styles, brands, and types of paint to choose from. Choosing the wrong paint can impact how the job looks, even if you apply it correctly.

A professional painting company knows which types of paint and primer are right for your home, as well as how to apply them.

They Get It Done Faster

Unless you paint for a living, you’re going to find the painting process to be time-consuming and tedious. 

You have to clear away any furniture or objects, lay down tarps, buy the paint, and protect anything you have nearby. You’ll then have to start the painting process, which, depending on the size of the job, can take days. After you finish, you’ll need to go over it again, then clean up.

Instead of wasting time that you don’t have, opt for working with a group of reputable paint professionals. 

They Know How to Prep the Walls

Preparing for most jobs and tasks prior to starting them is essential in life, and the same goes for painting. 

If you paint over any existing problems, you’ll end up exacerbating them. This includes cracks, dirt, peeling paint, and many other problems. Most homeowners don’t realize this and end up having to pay more money later on in the form of repair costs. 

The best interior painting services understand this and will take the time to ensure that everything is ready for the paint before starting the job. Aside from having the knowledge necessary to undergo any repairs, they also come prepared with the right tools. 

You Can Save Money

DIY appeals to many people because they see it as a way to save money. The reality is that it isn’t always the more frugal option, especially when it comes to painting.

Aside from buying the paint, you’ll also have to worry about getting the tools. Ladders, rollers, and different types of brushes are all some of the things you’ll need to have on hand if you do something wrong while painting, you’ll also have to waste money fixing it. 

You should also take the opportunity cost into consideration. As mentioned, painting is time-consuming. That’s time that you could otherwise put towards ventures that will yield you a profit. 

Paint Professionals Do the Job Safely 

You might think that you have the stamina necessary to hang from a ladder and paint the second-story of your house, but that doesn’t mean that you should take on the risk. One wrong move and you can end up in a hospital bed. 

According to the CDC, more than 300 people die each year on account of ladder-related accidents. Most, if not all of them, probably thought that they could do a task without a problem.

Don’t be a part of that statistic. Work with trained professionals who have the tools and skills to stay safe. 

You Get a Warranty 

What happens if you paint your home yourself then realize that you hate it? You only have yourself to blame, which means that you need to spend the money repainting it or touching up the areas that need some work.

In contrast, most paint professionals offer a warranty. This means that if something goes wrong or if you’re unhappy with the job for whatever reason, you won’t be stuck looking at it each day you pull in your driveway.

Give yourself the peace of mind that goes along with knowing you won’t have to spend additional money later on if you don’t like the finished product. 

Make the Right Choice: Work With a Professional Painter 

It can be tempting to DIY home projects these days, especially with all of the guides and tutorials out there. Yet while DIY may be okay for some things, as this guide explains, working with a professional painter is a smart idea for many reasons. 

Do you now have a better understanding of why choosing professional painting services is a good idea? If you do, make sure to take a look at some of our other posts for more helpful guides and tips. 

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