8 Questions to Ask Appliance Repair Services Before Hiring Them

//8 Questions to Ask Appliance Repair Services Before Hiring Them
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Appliances always seem to break down at the worst times. Your appliances are major investments, so you need appliance repair services you can trust.

When you have to hire a repairman, you want to make sure they have the expertise to get the job done right. Hiring the cheapest or quickest service isn’t the best idea.

Although you may be in a hurry, you should take the time to do your homework and hire the right company for the job. 

Here are 9 questions to ask before hiring appliance repair services.

1. Have You Worked on This Brand of Appliance?

Most licensed appliance technicians can work on any brand. But it’s a good idea to make sure.

They should be able to explain their expertise and what brands they normally work on, and how long they’ve been in business.

Today’s appliances are very specific to their brand, and it takes quite a bit of training to be an appliance technician. If you need a repair on a commercial appliance, you need a technician with that skill set.

If you need them to repair your refrigerator or fix a stove, they need to understand the brand.

Ask about their experience with your particular brand. Make sure you have the right repair service for the job.

2. Are You Properly Licensed?

Any repairman you allow into your home should have the proper licensing for the job. Be sure to ask if they are licensed to work on whatever brand of appliance you have.

This will ensure you have a qualified repairman who can do the job right the first time. Hiring an unqualified technician may be cheaper, but you could end up paying for that mistake later.

Hiring a properly authorized repair service is your best bet. Don’t hesitate to ask about their licensing and experience.

3. Do You Carry Insurance?

Any repair service should be fully insured. This protects them and you from accidents or other mishaps. 

If something goes wrong during a repair, you don’t want to be left paying for their mistake. Choose a reputable repair service with proof of insurance.

Although the chance of an accident may be small, accidents do happen. If a technician suffers an injury in your home and they don’t have the proper insurance, you could be responsible for their medical bills.

It’s always better to take the time to make sure you’re hiring a qualified licensed technician who’s fully insured.

4. What Training Do the Technicians Have?

Although there’s no national certification for appliance technicians, there are quality training programs in each state. Be sure to ask what kind of training the company’s technicians receive?

Having a certification shows the technician has some training and advanced knowledge of appliance repair. Many uncertified technicians depend on pattern recognition for training.

That means they learn by seeing what goes wrong with a particular model and applying that knowledge to the next job. Pattern recognition is important, but it’s not enough.

Today’s appliances are highly technical. So, it’s smart to hire a technician who has the latest training and certification.

5. How Long Have You Been in Business?

You should ask any repair service how long they’ve been in business and what experience they have in your area. Be sure they have experience working on the type of appliance you have.

Although a new repair service may do a good job, it’s safer to choose one with proven experience in the industry. Established repair businesses are usually reliable and provide quality service.

If you choose a new business, be sure to ask about the experience of their technicians. If they are new to the trade, choose a more established service for the job.

6. Do You Have References I Can Check?

Any business with satisfied customers is happy to provide references. This shows they are proud of their work and have proof of their level of service.

If they don’t want you to contact their references, that’s a red flag. And they may have something to hide.

What previous customers have to say speaks volumes about any company. Most customers are happy to share their positive or negative experience with a business.

Check any references they offer and do an online search for reviews of the company as well.

7. What Do You Charge?

While the price that a repair service charges is important, it shouldn’t be the only factor you consider when choosing a repairman. Hiring the cheapest service is not a good idea.

You do have to pay for quality service. And you don’t want to hire someone else to finish the job or correct a repairman’s mistakes.

High prices don’t always equal quality service either. Base your choice on a combination of factors, including experience, qualifications, and costs.

8. Do You Offer a Guarantee?

Asking a repair service if they offer a guarantee can provide insight into how they feel about the services they provide. Most reputable companies provide some sort of a warranty or guarantee regarding their service.

Without it, you could end up paying for a failed repair or damaged appliance. Providing customers with a guarantee shows they have faith in their employees and care about providing quality service.

Find out about their policy for return visits. Make sure they guarantee their service for the price they’re charging, even if they have to make more than one trip to your home.

Steer clear of a repair service that doesn’t offer any guarantee of service.

Finding the Best Appliance Repair Services

Are you looking for quality appliance repair services? Asking the right questions will ensure you have the right service for the job. 

Taking the time to find a qualified repair service will help keep your appliances in great shape for years to come.

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