Travel in Style: 5 Travel Essentials for Women on Vacation Abroad

//Travel in Style: 5 Travel Essentials for Women on Vacation Abroad
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Millions of Americans travel abroad each year, booking everything from Caribbean cruises to safaris in Africa to explorations in Europe. For women traveling abroad, every trip is an opportunity to pack new items and show off new fashions in a foreign country.

It’s exciting to think about showing off all your fashionable outfits for an international crowd, but packing for international travel can be a challenge. You want to pack the essentials and include some fun items, without overpacking. No one wants to drag a heavy bag around with them on vacation.

Putting together a packing list for women can be a big help. You’ll be able to think ahead of time about what you really need and eliminate frivolous items. Below, we’ve put together a list of the top travel essentials for women planning a trip abroad. Read on to learn more, and get excited about your next vacation.

1.  Flat Shoes

High heels are beautiful for certain occasions, and if you have fancy nights out planned for your vacation, there is nothing wrong with bringing a pair. When you are preparing the ultimate packing list, however, you need to be sure to include a pair of flats.

No matter what your destination, you are likely going to be walking around a lot as you sight-see. You want to be comfortable. That doesn’t mean you have to opt for beat-up sneakers or orthopedic shoes, either. There are lots of options for stylish flats that are still comfortable for walking around.

2. Scarf or Wrap

A big scarf or should wrap is a top item on any packing list for women. It takes up very little space, but it is incredibly functional. You can use it as a neck scarf, as a wrap on chilly nights, or even as a blanket over your legs if you get cold on the plane or out at dinner.

3. Bathing Suit

If you’re traveling to a beach destination, a bathing suit is obvious. Even if you aren’t necessarily heading to the tropics, you should still include one on your ultimate packing list. You may find a hotel pool or hot tub that you can’t resist.

Since it is vacation, you’ll want to bring a bathing suit with a little flair to it. There are so many fun styles and patterns to learn more about, and then you can decide which is right for you.

4. Maxi Dress

A maxi dress is a great all-purpose item, which is why it is perfect to include on a packing list for women, or even a packing list for girls. It’s a complete outfit in one, and you can style it in different ways, depending on the occasion.

5. Face Wash

Face wash is not the most glamorous item to pack on an international vacation, but it is one of the most important. If you’re spending the day walking around a new city, you’ll want to be able to wash the city air and grime off your face at night.

Nothing will make you feel more refreshed after a long day of sight-seeing than falling into bed with a clean face.

Ready to Pack the Travel Essentials for Women?

No matter where your next vacation is, it’s always nice to have a packing strategy in place. If you pack just the travel essentials for women, you’re guaranteed to have everything you need – plus room in your bag for items you pick up along the way!

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