10 Best Beauty Products You Absolutely Must Try in 2019

//10 Best Beauty Products You Absolutely Must Try in 2019
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2018 might have left a lot of us feeling a little exhausted and thrown off from all the national occurrences and personal life lessons on top of that. Well, if you feel like you lost your glow last year, 2019 is your year to recover and rejuvenate with new routines for making your whole body glow.

You may also need to take your beauty routines in a different direction. Check out this list of 10 best beauty products that you absolutely must try in 2019 if you want to look and feel like the best you.

1. Glossier Milky Jelly Facial Cleanser ($9-$18)

The Milky Jelly Cleanser by Glossier has landed on the list of best beauty products due to its versatility in usage. It is a pH-balanced formula that includes five skin conditioners blended together to promote skin health overall.

You can choose to use the cleanser as a makeup remover or it can be used as a facial wash. Milky Jelly is a gentle hypoallergenic, toxic-free scrub with some heavy-hitting ingredients, including comfrey root extract and pro-vitamin B5. The conditioning facial cleanser is suitable for all skin types.

2. Fenty Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Foundation ($34)

Are you familiar with award-winning musical superstar, Rihanna? Of course, you are! Well, not only has she blessed the world with music, movies, and fashion trends, she’s also taking her talents to cosmetics.

Robyn “Rihanna” Fenty recently released her cosmetics brand, Fenty Beauty, and it has definitely caused some ripples in the makeup world. Her foundation has been one of the best beauty products on the market, offering buyers a full coverage, long-wear, no-shine formula.

Did we mention it comes in 50 shades?

3. Cosmetasa Blue Eye Gel ($17)

Say “bye bye” to dark circles under your eyes in 2019. Why? Because Cosmetasa offers one of the best beauty products for tackling those pesky little masks around our eyes.

The Blue Eye Gel features Mediterranean blue algae that has been infused with Haloxyl, which is a specially formulated mixture of ingredients designed specifically for reducing discoloration around the eyes. It helps to tighten the eye area as well.

4. E.l.f. High Definition Powder ($6)

If you’re not trying to break the bank but also want to experience some of the best beauty products, consider giving this E.l.f. high definition powder a go. It’s a translucent loose powder that helps to conceal imperfections while giving your skin a softened effect.

The powder is great for daily wear and can be found at affordable prices in plenty of stores.

5. Herbivore Botanicals Phoenix Facial Oil ($26-$88)

The Phoenix Facial Oil is a powerful blend of potent herb oils to help your face’s shine, softness, and moisture. It may be one of the best beauty products for anti-aging due to its focus on assisting the skin on a cellular level and inclusion of CoQ10 for renewing skin cells.

It features at least five amazing oils: rosehip, neroli, meadowfoam, sea buckthorn, and chia seed Co2. It also doubles as a great all-natural base for your makeup!

6. theBalm Blushes ($12-$20)

Some people really underestimate the power of a bit of good blush subtly swiped across your cheeks. You need to try theBalm blushes if you’re the person who thought blush was out of your age range – or if you love them!

The blushes give a natural glow, aren’t too “cakey”, and stay true to color even long after application. They come in swanky names, such as “Frat Boy” and “Balm Springs”. You can view here here to check out which one works best for your skin tone.

7. Nexxus Clean & Pure Scalp Scrub ($15)

This scalp scrub is one of Nexxus’ newest products from the ‘Clean & Pure’ line. And it’s just in time to be one of the best beauty products of 2019. One of the best ways to maintain healthy hair is to take good care of your scalp and Nexxus helps you do just that with this scrub.

The scrub helps with detoxifying, exfoliating, and removing impurities from your scalp. You can use it before shampooing your hair to ensure cleanliness and that all the following products that you use are able to penetrate the hair shaft. It’s also Paraben-free, Sulfate-free, and dye-free.

8. Filthy Cosmetics Rage Hormonal Acne Wash ($52)

If you like to support small businesses with a big impact, then head over to Filthy Cosmetics for some great products. The Rage Hormonal Acne Wash has been causing some commotion with raving feedback.

Cystic Acne can really take a toll on the skin leaving scars and blemishes after breakouts. This facial wash was specifically made to help you combat those red flare-ups and all the other nagging symptoms. The formula features some potent ingredients, including activated charcoal, basil essential oil, juniper berry, and lots natural agents for helping you to healthier skin.

9. Brazilian Blowout Acai Deep Conditioning Unisex Masque ($27)

If you haven’t introduced your hair to the wonders of deep conditioning yet, then you are really missing out. Brazilian Blowout offers you one of the best beauty products for your hair when it comes to strengthening and smoothing with the Acai Deep Conditioner Unisex Masque.

This hair care formula features a Brazilian super-nutrient complex that coats each strand for amazing results. It also helps with reducing frizz for all the people who hate when humidity hits.

10. Chanel Hydra Beauty Nutrition Nourishing Lip Care ($34)

Yes, this product is from thee Chanel. And you can imagine that any one of the best beauty products made under that name has to be luxurious and divine quality. The hydra beauty nutrition nourishing lip care is said to sooth and protect your lips while simultaneously uncovering the natural luster and glow of each individual’s lips.

Chanel highlights their research and use of the camellia flower in this product to promote the incredible hydrating capabilities of the main ingredient, Camellia Alba PFA. And with a price like this for such a top rated company, you can’t go wrong!

Look for More of the Best Beauty Products & Beyond?

Put your beauty ahead of the game this year buy purchasing some of the best beauty products listed here. Don’t forget to stick to a consistent routine with your skin and hair.

For more information on how to have the best glow year ever, check out our beauty section for amazing tips and tricks!

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