Feeling Crafty: 5 DIY Gifts Even Busy People Can Make

//Feeling Crafty: 5 DIY Gifts Even Busy People Can Make
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Americans don’t have enough free time. With the need to be constantly available in a competitive job market, 45% of working professionals struggle to find time for their own pursuits.

Hobbies, vacations, and social interactions take a back seat to the work week. When you’re a person who loves crafting and giving handmade gifts, this is a hard pill to swallow.

We’ve got you covered! Here are five creative DIY gifts you can put together in little to no time at all. 

1. Candles

Candles are the go-to last minute gift. For good reason. A bright or cozy scent is a gift anyone can use, and you don’t have to know someone very well to find a scent that suits them.

Up your candle game with simple DIY touches. You can get a candle-making kit that’s as easy as melting and stirring. Personalize the color, and choose your own essential oils for a one of a kind scent.

If you’re down to the wire, buy some pillar candles and metallic duct tape. Wrap the tape around the candle from the top to the bottom, and you’ve got an upscale gift in almost no time at all.

2. Cutting Board Tablet Holder

If you’ve got even minimal craft experience, you can make a tablet holder for your foodie friends. Include some gourmet baking supplies for a thoughtful touch.

All you need is a small cutting board, a Scrabble tile holder, and a wooden door stop. Use wood glue to secure the door stop to the back of the cutting board. Glue the tile holder to the front to make a ledge for the tablet.

Clamping it together while it dries will give you a stronger bond or you can stack heavy books on top. 

3. Macrame Plant Hanger

Give the gift of life with a cute potted plant and a handmade macrame plant hanger. It looks more complicated than it is.

You can buy macrame cord or use whatever twine or thick yarn you’ve got in your craft closet. Look up a tutorial and start knotting.

You’ll start with four strands or strand groups laid out flat. Tie each one to the next, until you get to the last strand which you’ll tie to the first.

Once you gather all the strands together at the bottom in one big knot, you’ll have a corded basket, perfect for a succulent or a pothos starter.

4. Blankets

Blankets are the quintessential baby shower gift. Make the occasion even more sentimental by making your own.

A length of fleece edged with blanket binding or pompom trim is as easy as it gets. Or try your hand at arm knitting. 

Buy some unspun roving, make a slipknot large enough to slide your arm through, and then get in the rhythm of wrapping and pulling. The roving makes a super chunky, squishy knit that’s perfect for tummy time.

5. Clothespin Trivet

A clothespin trivet is a nice piece of DIY home decor for a house warming party.

Take the spring off of 40 clothespins. Use a power drill to make a hole in each piece, half an inch from the end. Then thread them onto a piece of wire, twist the ends together, and your Scandi-inspired trivet is complete.

DIY Gifts Can Be Both Quick and Handcrafted

You don’t have to sacrifice your love of DIY gifts even if you’re super busy. These gift ideas will produce a beautiful result with minimal time.

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