Transform Your Home: 15 DIY Rustic Home Decor Ideas

//Transform Your Home: 15 DIY Rustic Home Decor Ideas
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Rustic decor is a style growing in popularity for homeowners who want a homey and cozy interior. Rustic design encompasses many styles under it. A shabby chic farmhouse and a woodsy log cabin can both fall under the rustic category.

At the heart of it, rustic means putting emphasis on natural and organic elements in your design. Real wood left natural or lightly treated, raw materials, and plants are elements of rustic design. It’s a relaxed style that uses neutral colors and earth tones.

Creating this aesthetic in your home is easy. With these DIY rustic home decor ideas, you can easily incorporate the style into your home.

1. A Rustic Wooden Headboard

Need a new place to rest your head? How about a new rustic wooden headboard for your bed? For just about $25, you can bring a wood element that transforms your bedroom into a rustic oasis.

All you’ll need is wood planks measured to the width of your bed, a wood stain in the color of your choice, a drill, and screws. You can use picture hanging wire to hang it on the wall or attach it directly to the wall with screws and a drill.

2. Schoolhouse Coat Rack

An entry hub a soon as you open the door, this coat rack DIY is ideal for families. Bring in the natural element with wood while creating a functional space to hand coats, bags, and keys.

You’ll need wood planks, coat hooks, screws, and a drill for this rustic DIY. You can even get extra wood and corbels to add a shelf to the design.

3. Jar Lanterns

Need an easy DIY for rustic home decor? This one is very little assembly requited for maximum impact on your mood lighting.

All you need are a few glass jars of various sizes; try thrifting to find cool colors and shapes. Fill the bottom with about an inch of rocks or sand and add your favorite pillar candle. You can add rope to the jar for an extra rustic touch.

4. Wire Basket Herb Display

If you love a fresh find from the farmers’ market, you need to try this DIY. This is a great way to store your herbs or fresh greens in your kitchen.

You’ll need wire baskets, planks of wood, screws, and a drill. You can use hooks to mount the baskets to the planks to make removing and washing a breeze. Fill with veggies and herbs, and you’re done. 

5. A New Paint Job

A big part of achieving the rustic look is having the right color scheme. Painting your walls neutral colors inspired by nature will create the base that accents your decor. Pick shades of off-white, misty grays, and warm browns for your rustic walls.

Not a fan of painting? Consider hiring a residential painter. You won’t have to lift a finger, and the job will be professionally done.

6. Floating Wooden Shelves

These wooden shelves will look stunning, looking as if they’re floating on the wall. This DIY is a great way to create a place to showcase decors like vases, books, and decorative objects.

You’ll need a plank of wood that’s 36 x 8 inches, a wood stain of your choice, and floating shelf hardware.

7. Resurface Dressers

Want to fit some of the furniture you already have into your new rustic aesthetic? Resurface the dresser drawers sitting in your bedroom. Not ever DIY has to involve buying something new.

Sand down the dresser into it’s down to the saw wood. Stain with the color of your choice.

8. A DIY Blanket Ladder

A big part of the rustic aesthetic is being cozy, which means always having a blanket nearby. A blanket ladder is the perfect decor element for display and functionality.

You can find an old wooden latter at flea markets and antique stores. Depending on the shape it’s in, you can refinish the worn wood and tighten the old screws.

9. Built-In Firewood Holder

Got a wood-burning fireplace? Or just like the rustic look of chopped lumber? How about creating a build-in firewood holder to display the timber?

This one is a little more involved but can easily be achieved with bookcases built-in next to the fireplace. When building your bookcase, leave a large portion to add in your firewood and fill the shelves with decorative objects. 

10. Wooden Greeting Sign

What better way to welcome friends and family into your home than with a personal sign. Display this sign by your front door or in an entryway to let your guests know how happy you are to have them stop by.

Leftover pallets nailed together quickly create the perfect base. Sand and stain for a better writing surface. Paint your favorite welcoming saying onto your new sign.

11. Refinished Island Bar Stools

Incorporating the rustic look into your kitchen is easy with this DIY. If you have some dated bar stools, you can make them look fresh again with a little bit of work.

You’ll want your barstool, a de-glosser if it has a shiny coating, sandpaper, and stain. Use the de-glosser to remove the coating, then use sandpaper to create a smooth surface. Stain the chair the color of your choice.

12. Add a Barn Door

A rustic home and a beautiful barn door go hand in hand. This design element has been a favorite in the rustic aesthetic.

Though they look like high design, a barn door is easy to install. You can buy a barn door, stain it, and hang it yourself. Or if you’re adventurous, you can build one by hand.

13. A Live Edge Mantle

A piece of wood with a live edge features the wood’s natural edge as a design element. This style has become very popular but especially in rustic homes.

Replacing your fireplace mantel with live edge wood makes a stunning statement in the center of the room. This easy DIY is rustic and polished, perfect for contemporary rustic homes.

14. Glass Bottle Lamp

Set the mood with this rustic DIY. Lighting is such a crucial part of a space, and if you can save while creating that mood even better.

Check out flea markets and antique stores for a large glass bottle or vase with an interesting shape and color. Use a lamp kit to transform it and finished with a lampshade.

15. Feature Wall

Need a great way to bring in some texture or interest? Create a feature wall using shiplap. This material brings both modern and rustic elements to a design.

Shiplap is pretty easy to install and can open up a room. While it usually comes in white, you can paint shiplap any color you please, especially if it’s a design feature.

DIY Rustic Home Decor Made Easy

The rustic style is ideal for people who want to incorporate nature into a cozy and warm design. Because it’s all about natural materials, it’s an aesthetic that’s achievable for many. These DIY rustic home decor ideas can help you get started.

Your cozy, natural home is just a few projects away. Add your personal touch, a chunky knit blanket, and you’ll be ready to curl up on the couch for the weekend.

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