5 Unique Benefits of a Bidet You Haven’t Thought Of

//5 Unique Benefits of a Bidet You Haven’t Thought Of
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Few American comedies spare the bidet as a source of practical jokes. When a character in the film visits a fancy estate, they must contend with thinking the bidet is a sink, toilet, tub, or someone other fixture and the folly unfolds from there.

But the benefits of a bidet are far from funny. Here are 5 unique benefits of adding a bidet to your bathroom.

1. Less Constipation

Bidets help stimulate the rectum. When you have trouble moving your bowels, a bidet can help you by giving you water stimulation.

You can control the pressure of the water so it’s gentle or harsh depending on your preference. When you have too much straining, it leads to hemorrhoids which are painful.

Avoid this by gently coaxing your body into a bowel movement instead of trying to force one using your muscles. Water works well from both ends to get your bowels moving comfortably. 

2. Less Toilet Paper

Another benefit of a bidet is that you need less toilet paper. Incomplete bowel movements are a source of anxiety for anyone who notices staining in undergarments.

This is not only unsanitary, it’s embarrassing if your dirty clothes are ever exposed. You can rest assured that you won’t need to use excessive toilet paper to avoid this problem if you have a bidet.

Your bidet helps you get clean and simply use toilet paper to dry if you choose to. 

3. Classy

The benefits of a bidet aren’t just medical. Your bathroom looks far more classy with the inclusion of this European bath fixture.

Bidets are often associated with fine homes which makes your bathroom stand out from the crowd. If you’ve got limited space in your bathroom, you might opt for a toilet bidet combo which still gives you all the benefits of a bidet but without the additional fixture. 

4. Skip Colon Cleanses

Many people use third-party services to get hydro colon cleanses. The verdict is still out on whether or not these services are helpful, but studies do show that regular bowel movements can help prevent certain diseases.

You won’t need a colon cleansing service if you’re using your bidet to help stimulate bowel movements throughout the week. Even people who rarely go to the restroom will find a greater benefit to a bidet than a colon cleanse using hydrotherapy.

5. Sanitary

Bidets are more sanitary than using toilet paper. You sit on a bidet and only need to touch the controls on the fixture. 

There’s no cross-contamination between users since waste goes down the drain easily after each use. It never touches the main water sprayer or controls. 

Benefits of a Bidet

There are many unique benefits of a bidet that make it an ideal choice for most bathrooms. If you don’t have space, you can always opt for a combo that can fit anywhere you’d put a regular toilet.

Bidets help you maintain your digestive health without the need to go for specialized services. For more information and tips, visit our blog for updates. 

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