The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Baptism Party: Everything to Know

//The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Baptism Party: Everything to Know
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Are you planning a baptism for a baby, a young child, or even an adult? No matter how old a person might be, getting baptized is a cause for celebration.

Once the baptism is over, you should hold a party and celebrate the occasion. You should make sure that all of your family and friends are there to offer up their congratulations and to wish a person well in their spiritual journey.

Let’s take a look at the steps you’ll need to take in order to plan a baptism party.

Find Out When and Where the Baptism Will Take Place

Before you can start planning a baptism party, you need to figure out all the details of the baptism itself. Contact the church where the baptism is going to be held to find out when and where the baptism will be held.

The last thing you want to do is plan out an entire baptism party only to learn that you planned it for a day that’s different than the baptism date. So don’t be afraid to check and double-check with the church about the date and time of the baptism.

Decide Who Will Be Invited to the Baptism and the Party After It

Who are you going to invite to the baptism party that you’re planning? You can make it as big or as small as you want it to be.

But generally speaking, there are a few people who should definitely get an invite to the baptism and the party that follows it. These people include:

  • Parents
  • Grandparents
  • Godparents
  • Immediate family members
  • Close friends and neighbors
  • Fellow churchgoers and possibly even the priest, pastor, or other celebrant performing the baptism

Try to get a final count for the baptism party before you go any further. Your guest list is going to dictate how large your party venue will need to be.

Pick a Venue for the Baptism Party

Once you know who you’re going to invite to the baptism party you’re planning, set out to pick a venue for it.

You can choose to hold the party at your home if you want. But you can also consider holding it at a:

  • Restaurant
  • Catering hall
  • Church meeting room
  • Gymnasium
  • Park

No matter where you choose to hold the party, it should provide you with all the space you and your guests need.

Send Out Baptism Invitations and Ask for RSVPs

After you’ve ironed out all the details of your baptism party, you can put together baptism invitations and stick them in the mail.

Try to have people RSVP for the party a few weeks in advance. This will allow you to order food for the party and decide how many tables and chairs you’ll need to have at it.

Start Planning a Baptism Party Today

Planning a baptism party can be challenging if you don’t follow these steps. You could end up with a venue that’s the wrong size or send out invitations with the wrong date or time on them.

Use these tips to your advantage when planning a baptism party. They’ll help your party come together in no time and allow you and your guests to celebrate the baptism that’s taking place.

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