The 7 Most Popular Baby Girl Names of 2018

//The 7 Most Popular Baby Girl Names of 2018
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Congratulations – you’re having a baby girl! What are you going to call her?

This is probably a question you’ve heard thousands of times by now. And, if you’re still not sure about the answer it’s certainly worth pondering.

In fact, the jury is still out on whether a name affects a personality. Do you choose a classic name or go for something a little more out there? (For example, Gwyneth Paltrow chose to call her daughter Apple.)

If you’re unsure, check out 2018’s most popular baby names so far. This list could determine whether you choose or avoid a name, so let’s take a look.

1. Emma

Interestingly, this name was derived from a German word meaning universal or whole.

However, it’s now been popularized by many actresses. Emma Watson, anyone? This beautiful actress is worth millions of dollars. Better yet, she’s also a feminist activist. Who doesn’t want to be named after her?

Of course, other fantastic actresses with this name include Emma Thompson, Emma Stone, and Emma Roberts. Perhaps proving the name deserves its top spot.

2. Olivia

As you could probably guess, this name is derived from the word olive (or oliva). It was first popularized by the great Shakespeare himself.

Potentially making it a perfect name for literary parents to pick. However, it’s also a great choice for singer Olivia Newton-John fans.

3. Ava

There’s still debate on where this name comes from. It’s thought that it could be a variation on Eve.

However, other theories include it being from the Latin word for bird.

Perhaps the most popular Ava is the American actress, Ava Gardner who was born in 1922. But, this name is making a comeback in popularity.

4. Isabella

If your little girl is a queen, this is a fitting name to choose for her. It once was the name of queens across Europe.

It is a name borne from romance languages and certainly sounds lovely. Of course, it also offers multiple shortened names too such as Bella or Issy.

5. Sophia

This name has been popular across the world for some time. As a result, Disney chose it for the main character in the animated TV series “Sofia the First“.

Both versions are pronounced the same way, so spelling is your choice. Having a Disney princess with the same name will likely excite some little girls.

6. Aurora

Fun fact, Disney Princess Sleeping Beauty’s name is Aurora. However, this name may also remind you of the beautiful polar lights.

If your daughter is an incredible array of light in your life, Aurora is the perfect name.

7. Charlotte

This name is the feminine version of Charles. Its popularity increased after the British Royal Princess was born.

However, it’s also a well-known name thanks to the Bront? sister, the Sex and the City character and the singer, Charlotte Church.

Find More of the Most Popular Baby Names

Still not sure, there are always hundreds of options so don’t rush yourself.

It doesn’t matter if your baby doesn’t have a name before it’s born. Enjoy the pregnancy and get to know your little one.

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