Puff the Pain Away: 7 Health Advice Tips for When to Take CBD Oil for Pain

//Puff the Pain Away: 7 Health Advice Tips for When to Take CBD Oil for Pain
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From arthritis to cancer, CBD oil helps individuals everywhere manage their pain in a safe and effective way. However, using the oil correctly takes some research and general insights.

Deciding when to take CBD oil is perhaps one of the most important things you can determine from the get-go. It not only affects your daily activities but (more importantly) it impacts the severity and frequency of your pain.

If you’ve just begun the journey into CBD oil, we’ve compiled this handy guide to help you decide the best times to take it.

How Can CBD Oil Help Me?

Scientists and doctors are baffled by CBD oil’s ability to help everything from monthly menstrual cramps to chronic pain.

Although scientists are still working to discover how, exactly, CBD reduces pain and if it has potential long-term effects, more and more patients are finding it helps them with a variety of conditions:

  • Anxiety
  • Schizophrenia
  • PTSD
  • Arthritis
  • Epilepsy
  • Acne
  • Addiction
  • Pain

For individuals who want a natural method to alleviate pain or other conditions, CBD oil provides a viable alternative.

When to Take CBD Oil?

The best time to take CBD oil varies from person to person. Discovering your perfect schedule takes some trial and error, but don’t be intimidated by this step. It’s all part of the process in helping you use the medicine in the best way possible.

1. Daily Pain Fluctuations

It’s advisable to record your thoughts and daily pain levels prior to beginning medication. Knowing when you feel your best and worst is one of the key factors in deciding the best time to take the oil.

Log your daily experiences for one week and see if you notice any patterns. If there is a particular time in the day when the pain level increases, plan to take CBD oil prior to that period. If there is a time when the pain lessens, consider waiting.

2. Effects

In a perfect world, we could suck on the vape any time we feel pain occurring. However, life’s general expectations tend to get in the way.

Contemplate your daily activities and how the effects CBD oil has on you might impact those tasks. Keep in mind that CBD oil does not give you a “high.” However, it may have side effects.

Some of the most common side effects include:

  • Tiredness
  • Diarrhea
  • Change in eating habits and appetite
  • Weight loss or weight gain

Most people experience few (if any) negative effects from cannabidiol. The most frequent symptom is a feeling of relaxation or a slight sleepiness.

Unfortunately, these effects vary from person to person. You’ll have to try CBD for yourself to discover how you’ll feel. After you do, consider if it will affect your concentration at work or your social life.

3. Doses

Likewise, if you take heavier doses, expect any effects you normally feel to be increased. Although most people aren’t bothered by oil at all, plan ahead if you believe the cannabidiol will impact your daily activities and schedule your doses accordingly.

When you first begin using the medicine, you may have to fluctuate your doses to find your comfort zone. Keep this in mind for the first month or so.

Heavier doses may be better in the evening or when you are home for extended periods. Lighter doses are great throughout the day.

4. Consistency

It’s best to try for a routine schedule so you know what to expect and when each day. It’s not uncommon for individuals to use CBD oil two or three times a day. One dose lasts anywhere from four to twelve hours, with the time varying due to dosage, weight, metabolism and other factors.

Regardless, it’s suggested individuals take CBD oil once a day. Taking daily doses stimulates your body to use more of its own cannabinoids, which attach to receptors in the body.

When cannabinoids continuously attach to the CB2 receptors (which are mostly found in the immune system), it affects inflammation and pain.

Therefore, by staying on a consistent schedule, you remind your body to continue using its cannabinoids and contribute to lessening your pain.

5. Conditions, Disorders and Other Reasons

Users should also consider why they are taking the drug, as this may affect when it should be taken.

Those who use CBD oil for anxiety, for instance, may prefer to use a vape a few minutes prior to a stressful social engagement. However, an individual suffering from arthritis may do better to eat an edible in the morning for long-lasting effects throughout the day.

An athlete might fare well using a topical ointment after a day of practice. As you can see, when you use CBD depends largely on what you’re using it for.

Always speak with a medical professional to obtain the safest and most effective information for your unique case.

6. Method of Consumption

Next, factor in your preference of consumption or application to determine the frequency of dosages and times.

Topical ointments take a while to become effective. In fact, some reports indicate they can take anywhere from one hour to 48 hours to relieve pain, but the general consensus is about 40 minutes. Consequently, these are best applied in the morning or at night.

When the effect of an edible becomes apparent depends on an individual’s metabolism. Some users feel the effect within 20 minutes while others won’t have relief for about an hour.

The relief edibles provide tends to last longer than other forms of CBD usage, but the amount varies by weight, metabolism, and dose.

Sublingual methods of consumption take effect within minutes and last a few hours. Vaping has a similar time period.

Your method of consumption impacts when you should take your medicine. Time your consumption or application according to your pain levels and daily activities.

7. Personal Preferences

Finally, some people simply have their own preferences about when to take CBD oil. It’s ultimately up to the user to determine what’s best for his or her particular situation.

Just remember to start with smaller doses and work your way upwards until you feel comfortable. Test out different consumption methods and times to see what works best for you.

By taking all these factors into consideration and utilizing a trial-and-error system, you’ll find your own perfect routine.

Pain-Free Puffing

Regardless of whether you use a vape or prefer your medicine in chocolate, knowing when to take CBD oil is an important step in getting your regiment optimized.

Curious to learn the intricacies of vaping? Read all about it in our article and prepare to puff your pain away.

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