Shabby Chic: 5 Vintage Decor Ideas to Spruce Up Your Home Before the Holidays

//Shabby Chic: 5 Vintage Decor Ideas to Spruce Up Your Home Before the Holidays
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It’s the holiday season and there’s nothing like a bit of old-fashioned decor to help transport us back in time to the good old days.

We’re going to give you our top five vintage decor ideas that would make your grandma proud.

Let’s get back that good old sentimental feeling and snuggle up to those memories of yesteryear.

So, come on! Dig out the doilies, and grab hold of the quilts. Let’s a take a trip down memory lane and create a sanctuary of shabby chic.

1. China Cabinets

Give that kitchen cabinet a vintage makeover by putting on a coat of pastel blue or green first, followed by white. Once the paint’s dry, sand the edges so the pastels show through.

You’ll end up with an aged and distressed look. If you don’t have a cabinet, then you may be able to purchase one from a store that specializes in reclaimed household items.

Next, call your mom, or even your grandma. Ask them if they’ve some old crockery sets you could borrow to show off in your newly weathered display cabinet.

So many times we hear of beautiful sets being packed away for years. Now’s the time to dust them down and show them off.

2. Vintage Luggage

There was a time when suitcases didn’t have wheels. Somehow the luggage of the past conjures up memories of a life less complicated and more straightforward.

Vintage suitcases can often feel as though they have a story to tell. You can add to the history by using them as furniture to fill up empty spaces or as storage units for blankets or towels.

Stack them to make a bedside table. Or spoil your pet. Put a blanket or soft cushions inside and you’ll make the perfect bed for your dog or cat.

3. Comfy Quilts

Bring back the classic look with a quilt or crocheted duvet to make bedtime feel cozy and warm.

Quilts have become pieces of art even though they were originally made as bed warmers for cold winter nights.

The covers our grandmothers painstakingly stitched are perfect for sprucing up the bedroom and taking us back to a bygone age.

4. Old Books

Old books tell a story but they’re also great for filling spaces and won’t bust your budget.

With a little creativity, old books can bring a little vintage magic to your home. Remove the covers and wrap them in twine, or simply stack them up.

When choosing books, pick a classic, or if decorating for the holidays, select a seasonal story.

5. Vintage Rugs

Rugs are versatile. Hang them as you would a piece of art on a large empty wall.

Or, mix and match them on the floor. Pick vintage rugs that feature similar colors, but different patterns. Using two different, but coordinating, rugs will create the ultimate chic decor.

Enjoying Vintage Decor Ideas

Our great vintage decor ideas will help you make this time of year a happy one.

We believe in you so check out all other ways we can bring out your creative side.

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