How to Stop Worrying About Relationships: 4 Tips to Ease Relationship Concerns

//How to Stop Worrying About Relationships: 4 Tips to Ease Relationship Concerns
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Do you find yourself constantly stressing about your relationship?

Know that you’re not alone. Stress and anxiety can steal away an otherwise perfect moment.

Every relationship experiences stressful phases at some point, so it’s important to know how to handle them.

We won’t lie, dealing with relationship stress is truly a struggle, but with the right tools anyone can get through it.

They say “love is a battlefield”, right? So let’s get you some battle gear.

Read on to learn 4 tips on how to stop worrying about relationships right now.

4 Tips on How to Stop Worrying About Relationships

Here’s the deal: if you’re stressed, he’s stressed.

We all know that stress is bad for you, but why? The long and the short of it is that when you feel stressed your adrenal glands kick on your fight or flight response (even if you don’t notice that’s what’s happening). In doing so, your body is pumped with adrenaline that raises your heart rate, blood pressure, and increases blood glucose levels.

This is all fine and dandy if you actually have something to escape from, but when the stress is habitual it becomes destructive.

Now, realize that he’s just as stressed as you are. It’s like putting two caged tigers together.

Use these tips to calm your flight responses and you immediately see an improvement in your relationship.

Focus on You

The first thing you need to do when you feel stressed is to take a break and focus on yourself.

Take a warm, relaxing bath with your favorite bath bomb or bubbles. Consider practicing yoga. Yoga will help to slow your heart rate and relax your mind.

Whatever it is that you love to do, don’t feel guilty about it and just do it. Sacrificing your “me time” is a sure way to damage a relationship.

Hush the Negative Thoughts

It’s easy to let our minds wander.

Combat your negative thoughts with a good distraction, such as meditation, short walks, swimming, or even reading. All of these things are great ways to help you hush the intruding thoughts.

Much like Meredith and Christina from your favorite Grey’s Anatomy episode, dance it out.

Hugs Are Helpful

Obviously, if you’re mad at your partner you aren’t going to want to hug them, but hear us out.

Hugs really do help.

Whenever you feel like an argument just isn’t going anywhere anymore, stop talking and just hug each other. Hold the hug for at least 30 seconds. Hugs release what we like to call the ‘cuddle chemical‘, or in scientific terms, oxytocin. This crazy chemical is what’s responsible for love and bonding.

Holding your hugs will give your body a chance to release that cuddle chemical and remind you what your relationship is all about.

Seek Professional Guidance

If all else fails, it may be time to seek professional guidance.

Counseling can be very beneficial, whether it be a couples counselor, personal counseling, or even online counseling.

If you’re worried about the social stigmas of couples counseling, you may prefer an online resource such as OurRelationship.

There’s no shame in it, but no one has to know that you’ve asked for help.

Girl, You Got This

Remember to give your partner the same opportunities to take these helpful steps, or he may never learn how to stop worrying about relationships either. Relationships are a two-way street, so it’s not enough for only one person to be worry-free.

Above all else, you do you girl. Take care of your mind and body first — it’s the only one you’ve got.

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