Workout Gear: What are the Benefits of Compression Clothing for Weight Training?

//Workout Gear: What are the Benefits of Compression Clothing for Weight Training?
  • benefits of compression clothing for weight training

When you think compression clothing, your first thought might be about post-op patients. But in recent years, compression gear has become increasingly popular in the gym.

Many brands like Under Armor have launched lines of exercise compression pants and shirts that are skin tight.

These garments aren’t designed to show off a killer bod (well, not just that). Compression clothing works to improve blood circulation and stabilize muscles.

Read on to learn the top benefits of compression clothing for weight training.

Reduce Soreness

Exercise compression pants and compression workout shirts prevent muscles from becoming swollen during a workout.

Whenever you work our hard, those muscles become inflamed. Fluid and white blood cells rush to the area which leads to swelling. This swelling is part of why you feel sore after a workout for several days.

Compression clothing like tights constricts your muscles so that less fluid can build up in those muscle groups. And the less fluid, the less swelling and pain.

Also, compression clothing enables more blood flow. This increased blood flow works to take out an enzyme in your muscles called creatine kinase. This enzyme spills out after muscle damage and leads to achy muscles.

Keep in mind that compression gear only helps alleviate soreness, it can’t stop it completely!

Improved Performance

Another benefit of weight lifting compression pants is the ability to jump higher and sprint better.

A study in the International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance found modest positive effects on sprinting and jumping when wearing compression gear. The study also found positive results on recovery.

This study used elite-athletes or well-trained individuals for the test pool. More research is needed to be able to back up this study and look at results for the average person going to the gym.

But hey, even if it helps a little, it’s not a bad idea to give it a try. If you’ve recently found that your workouts don’t inspire much joy, add some simple ways to have fun while working out.

Keeps You Body in Proper Position

Compression clothing for cycling may help to improve a cyclist’s posture. A group of cyclists wore a posture-correcting compression shirt and were asked to rate their riding posture, recovery and spine discomfort.

The results were positive. It likely means that the tight, supportive garment invites the best posture without forcing your body to maintain that position.

Stabilizes Joints During High Impact

Compression gear can also help your body absorb shock due to high impact movements.

The moment your foot lands hard on the ground, vibrations from your foot move up your leg muscles. Compression pants reduce the amount of vibration in your legs. This can improve the efficiency of your muscle which directly impacts your performance.

Benefits of Compression Clothing for Weight Training

Thanks for reading! We hope you found these benefits of compression clothing for weight training useful.

If you want to take your weight training up a notch, compression clothing could help you reduce soreness and improve performance.

Next, check out our guide on how to choose workout clothes that are comfy and flattering.

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