Wine and Women: 3 Amazing Benefits to Drinking Red Wine

//Wine and Women: 3 Amazing Benefits to Drinking Red Wine
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For many of us, red wine feels like a guilty pleasure. But studies show that there are many benefits to sipping that after-work glass of wine, including improvements to one’s physical health and emotional well-being.

All things in moderation, of course. When enjoyed responsibly, drinking red wine isn’t something to feel guilty about. Read on to learn 3 of the best health effects of red wine.

That Glass of Vino Means Better Heart Health

Remember: wine comes from grapes which are loaded with antioxidants (chemicals that supports good blood chemistry and reduces free radicals). Just like exercise, these antioxidants have a multitude of positive impacts on your heart, including lower cholesterol and lower risk for blood clots. The antioxidants in wine, like polyphenols, also make blood vessels more flexible.

Drinking red wine in moderation may also be linked to higher levels of heart-healthy Omega 3’s in the blood. These omegas are typically found in fish, and they are known to support better heart and lung function.

Last but not least? If you feel particularly relaxed after a glass of wine, there’s good reason for it. It’s believed that sipping a glass of vino reduces blood pressure, meaning your heart is working less hard to pump blood through your body.

Kick the Cold with a Glass of Wine

Who needs orange juice and vitamin C? Studies show that, in fact, red wine can strengthen one’s immune system, helping to fight off viruses like the common cold.

Wine contains another kind of antioxidant known as flavonoids, which reduce free radicals (bad chemicals and viruses) in the body. Flavonoids seem to work particularly well against nasal viruses.

Finally, wine seems to reduce swelling and inflammation in the nasal passages. This type of inflammation can make you susceptible to cold viruses or, once the virus has entered your body, it can make the symptoms worse. By reducing this inflammation, you’re less likely to find yourself grabbing for the Kleenex.

Drinking Red Wine is Good for Your Brain!

Pouring a glass of vino may also assist with brain health. Certain proteins that cause dementia may be impacted by the chemicals found in wine, which means better brain function and memory capacity.

Another reason that wine helps brain function is because, as we noted above, it makes blood vessels more elastic. This means better blood flow to your brain, resulting in improved cognitive function.

In fact, wine has so many positive impacts on brain health, it’s been shown that a glass of wine each day may help keep depression at bay. That’s a reason to check out some new vinos, whether at your local grocer or if you prefer to buy red wine online.

A Glass a Day

Of course, there is such thing as too much of a good thing. Ensure that you drink responsibly: a single glass of wine with dinner, for example. Drinking red wine might have its benefits, but too much can cause serious health effects, particularly for the liver.

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