Elite Education: Here Are the Pros and Cons of Private School

//Elite Education: Here Are the Pros and Cons of Private School
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Is your child about the start school? When it comes to your child’s education, you’ll want to make sure you review all your options.

Perhaps the biggest choice you’ll have to make is whether your child should go to a private school or a public one.

Do you need help deciding? Keep reading to discover the many pros and cons of private school.


Alright, so let’s start on a positive foot with the benefits of private school.

It’ll Challenge Your Children

Perhaps the biggest pro is that private schools, like Lake Mary Preparatory School for example, typically have a harder curriculum than public schools. Your children will be constantly challenged, which could lead to them getting accepted into better colleges and having bigger career aspirations.

Class Sizes are Smaller

Are you worried your children will struggle with a harder curriculum?

Well, private school students also benefit from having smaller class sizes. This allows them to get more one-on-one time with the teacher if they are struggling or require any additional help.

Networking is Strong

Since private schools tend to be smaller, students develop closer connections with staff. This gives them the chance to start networking before they get into the workforce.

Students can use networking to learn about new colleges, attend events with college admission personnel, and get advice on how to write college admission essays. It’s the perfect way to support your natural born leader as they strive for higher education.


Of course, nothing is all positive. Private schools have some downsides, too.

It’s Expensive

It’s no secret that private schools are expensive, but did you know the average cost for one year of private school for one child is over $10,000?!

And that’s just tuition. Add in the cost of uniforms, school supplies, and other miscellaneous costs, and you’re looking at quite the price tag for that education.

It’s Smaller

“Wait, I thought being smaller was a good thing?” Well, it can be – there’s no denying the benefit to having smaller class sizes and increased chances to network.

But going to a smaller school isn’t always good.

Students may feel overwhelmed and experience culture shock when attending a large university after spending the past 13 years in a small private school.

Fewer students also mean less diversity. The high cost of private school means that many students will come from wealthy backgrounds. Middle-class students or students on scholarships may feel alienated from their wealthier peers.

If, for some reason, they don’t connect with the students in their class, your children have fewer chances to make friends than they would in a larger, public school.

There are Fewer Clubs and Extracurriculars Available

Classes aren’t the only important aspect of a school. It’s also important for students to join clubs and socialize.

Since private schools are smaller and less-diverse they may not have a large variety of clubs to join.

Larger public school often feature students from all different cultures, ethnicities, and economic backgrounds. These differences give students unique interests which they use to start clubs on anything from anime or LBGT pride to speech and debate.

Pros and Cons of Private School

Are you still deciding between private and public school for your children? Just follow our guide to the pros and cons of private school to help make your decision easier.

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