5 Fun Family Weekend Activities That Kids and Parents Will Both Love

//5 Fun Family Weekend Activities That Kids and Parents Will Both Love
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The weekend is the best time for families to make special memories together. It’s pretty much a mini vacation that you get to take from work and the kids get from school. It’s your chance to unwind, their time to just be kids, and everyone’s opportunity to get closer as a family.

But, it can be a little hard to come up with new activities to do every weekend. This applies to families who are used to having packed schedules and suddenly have a free weekend as well as to those who usually like to take things easy. Every once in a while, the end of the week sneaks up on you and you’re left with little time to plan weekend activities for everyone to enjoy.

Here are 5 fun things for you to do as a family this weekend that everyone will love.

1. Get Outside

Whether you live in sunny Florida or the leaves are finally changing in Virginia, it’s always a good idea to spend some time outside together. You can hit the beach, go for a hike, take a casual bike ride through your city’s downtown or maybe crank up some four-wheelers on the outskirts of town.

There’s no limit to what outdoor activities you and yours can enjoy if you just take some time to think about what’s available to you. Don’t let age hold you back, either! Taking a baby to the beach or a toddler on a ski trip does require a little more planning, but it’s not impossible.

2. Have a Fun Night in

If you want a stress-free way for everyone to have fun this weekend, consider having a family game night. This makes hanging out at home a lot more fun and it’s a great way to get everyone to come together.

You’d be surprised how much one game night can change the mood at home when you and your teenager are going through the rebellious period or when you’re little one is struggling in school. Sometimes, all you need as a family is to crack a few jokes together and order pizza – the rest will work itself out.

3. Go for a Day Trip

What if the usual games you play as a family are getting old, or if you’ve already checked out a lot of the local weekend activities? Get out of town!

You don’t have to go away for the whole weekend or even go too far to enjoy yourselves. Maybe there’s a small town worth checking out that’s close to your city, or a big city that’s not too far from where you live.

Taking a day trip is your chance to do something completely different as a family. Plus, the road trip to get there is an adventure of itself!

4. Learn New Things Together

Maybe it’s not that you need to get out of town to have fun as a family, but that you just have to open your minds a bit to all the things you can do as a family.

Why not take the kids to the local museum this weekend? Is there an art exhibit you’ve heard good things about or a youth learning center you think your kids would like?

The best family memories are sometimes hidden in the most unexpected places. The thing is, you have to be willing to go discover them.

5. Do Something Different

Speaking of having fun in unexpected ways, consider doing something completely out of your family’s comfort zone. If you’re a sports-oriented family, take an upcoming weekend to tap into your kids’ creative abilities. If you’re all about the arts, maybe a bit of activeness will do everyone some good.

Don’t forget about fun new family fun centers like escape rooms, indoor trampoline parks, and rock climbing gyms. These things only require a few hours of your weekend for everyone to have a blast, and you may be surprised how many of them are in your local area!

Awesome Adult-Centered Weekend Activities for When the Kids Are Away

Here’s a thought: what if you realize the kids are all busy this weekend and it’s just you and your spouse at home?

It’s not all the time you get a “free” weekend together, and it’s worth taking advantage of when you do! You can take this time to plan a romantic date for two or fill your calendar with a bunch of adult-oriented weekend activities to do with friends.

If it’s been a while since you had one on one time with your spouse, check out these tips to reignite your spark.

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