Clean Like the Pros: How to Wash Windows the Right Way

//Clean Like the Pros: How to Wash Windows the Right Way
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We’ve all been spending a lot more time at home these past few months. If you’re like many Americans, that means you likely have been taking on many more house chores than you’re used to. 

The free time means many homeowners are taking on DIY solutions or doing tasks they might have hired a service for at another time. Window washing is one such task. 

Do you know how to wash windows like a professional? How do you get them perfectly squeaky clean? Read on and we’ll walk you through what you need to know.

Choose the Right Day

When it comes to getting your windows cleaned just right, the environment can be just as important as the work itself. It’s best to do your window cleaning work on a day that is dry and cloudy for many reasons.

The foremost reason? A sunny day will make the cleaner you’re using dry up on the window before you’re even ready to wipe it clean. In the harsh rays of the sun, it can only take a few moments before cleaning sprays get dried out. 

If you work on a cloudy day, you’ll be able to get work done more efficiently without the pressure of the sun.

Working on a dry cloudy day is likely to give you a better view of the window as well. Bright sun and harsh glares can make it difficult to see how well you’re getting the job done. Even, overcast skies are much more suited for the task. It’s certainly the best way to clean windows.

Use the Right Cleaner

A clean, streak-free window is all about what kind of cleaner you use to do the job. You should avoid window cleaners that are based in alcohol or ammonia. Instead of providing a true clean, these products are more likely to leave a streaky appearance. 

If there’s a tough spot that won’t come off with traditional cleaner it’s better to apply a solvent like acetone to that individual spot. Once you’ve gotten this individual spot cleared, you can continue to wash the window as a whole as you would normally.

Don’t be afraid to spritz heavily, either. You will need a large amount of cleaner if your windows are truly dusty and dirty. Don’t hold back, there’s no need: you’ll get streak free windows as a result.

Use a Microfiber Cloth

If you really want to do a window cleaning job as good as the pros, you should ensure you have some microfiber cloths around your home. 

Paper towels can break easily, shed particles, and even attract more lint to your window as opposed to getting it clean.

A microfiber cloth is absorbent and will do a better job of cleaning your windows. Best of all, they’re washable and reusable so it’s better for both your bottom line and the environment. 

Now You Know How to Wash Windows Like a Pro

If you’ve found yourself with some extra time around the home, you might want to tackle your windows and clean them up. Do you know how to wash windows and get the best results? The above tips can help.

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