How to Discover and Totally Rock Your Personal Style

//How to Discover and Totally Rock Your Personal Style
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Developing your style is an essential part of defining who you are. 

What you choose to wear is usually the first thing strangers notice about you. Your style tells a lot about your personality.

It’s important to start building a wardrobe, piece by piece, that defines your personal style.

This guide will teach you how to choose clothing that reflects who you are and start branding yourself through your style.

1. Know Your Body

Everyone has their own distinct body type.

What looks good on someone who is 5’10 might not look as good as someone who is 5 feet tall. You need to start choosing clothes that flatter your body type.

Find out if you are a pear shape, apple shape, or hourglass shape. 

You can do this by taking measurements and finding out where your body is the most full. Pear shapes tend to have wide hips. Apple shapes have wide shoulders and narrow hips, and hourglass shapes have proportionate shoulders and hips with a slim waist.

Once you know your body type you’ll be able to choose pieces that high light your best features. 

2. Choose The Best Colors For You

You should choose colors that compliment your personality and skin tone. 

Warm skin tones look great in honey, olive, and cream. Meanwhile, cool skin tones are suited for blue, lavender, and gray. 

Colors play a big role in how we are perceived. Bright colors make people feel happy and energetic, while darker colors make people feel calm and subdued. 

Select a color palette that fits your personality in order to develop your style.

Black and white are basics that should be regulars in everyone’s wardrobe.

It’s easy to use black and white as the case of your outfit and add pops of color in the form of purses, shoes, or accessories.

3. Nail the Basics

Building a wardrobe that is timeless and shows off your style requires you to get the basics down first.

You should invest in high-quality basic pieces that will last a long time.

These include, jeans, simple white tee shirts, a blazer, a raincoat, and a pair of flat shoes. 

Finding a pair of jeans that fit well is a rare gem. Once you find a brand and style you like, it’s a good idea to buy a few pairs in your size in case the company discontinues them. A pair of fitted, dark wash jeans can be worn in almost any occasion. 

White tee shirts are also very useful in a variety of situations. They can be dressed up with a blazer and pencil skirt for work. Or dressed down with shorts and sneakers for a weekend. You want to fill your closet with pieces that have multiple uses. These pieces are more practical than buying a ton of patterned dresses that you can only wear in one scenario. 

4. Express Your Self

Fashion gives you the opportunity to express your innermost self.

With printed t-shirts, you can send the world any message you want.

Your faith, for instance, can be expressed through Christian apparel designs.

Your political views can be shown through campaign t-shirts or political party jewelry.

Any message you want to send out in the world can be delivered through your clothes.

5. Keep an Online Fashion Diary

In order to develop your style, it helps to track the trends you’re interested in.

A Pinterest board can be used to keep track of the clothes you like. Whenever you see an outfit that calls to you, pin it to your fashion board. 

Seeing everything you like gathered in one place can help you realize your own personal brand. 

6. Organize Your Closet

It can be difficult to assess your style if your closet is in shambles.

Organize your closet so that every piece of clothing you own is visible. You should sort your clothes by both color and type. 

For instance, keep all of your red shirts together, all of your red pants together, and all of your red skirts together. This will enable you to quickly grab the item you need when you’re putting together an outfit. 

Before you start organizing, sort through, and get rid of any clothes you haven’t worn for one calendar year. These items are simply clogging up your closet under the pretext that you might wear them someday. More likely than not, they just don’t match your personal style and should be thrown out. 

Donate these clothes to Good Will so that they can find a home with a person who will use them. 

7. Consider New Purchases Carefully

Now that you have a newly cleaned out and organized closet, it’s important you don’t go crazy with online shopping.

When building your personal style, every piece you think about bringing home should be vetted for cost, comfort, and practicality. 

If you can’t imagine yourself wearing a piece more than once, it probably shouldn’t be bought. Before buying a new clothing item think about the places you could wear it. Consider how much use you will get out of it. Also, think about other pieces you have that could accompany it. Remember that solid clothing has a better chance of being paired well with items already in your closet than clothes with complicated patterns. 

Always envision how a piece of clothing will fit in with the rest of your wardrobe before buying it.

Now You Know How to Develop Your Personal Style

Your personal style is part of who you are.

It can be revealed naturally by weeding out clothes that no longer suit you, and being intentional with new clothing purchases.

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