5 Essential Questions to Ask Before Hiring Interior Designers

//5 Essential Questions to Ask Before Hiring Interior Designers
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Could a room or two (or six) in your house use a total interior design overhaul?

You may be tempted to grab a couple of DIY magazines and attempt to do it yourself. But there are distinct advantages to hiring interior designers to get the job done.

Their expertise goes far beyond picking out furniture and paint colors. Their education provides them with a full understanding of interior architecture and all that entails.

So where do you begin your search?

Important Questions When Hiring Interior Designers

Once you start getting names and referrals, there are some key questions you’ll want to ask before deciding to hire an interior designer.

1. What Services Do You Offer?

In most cases, designers offer an extensive list of services that include consultation, space planning, design concepts, purchasing, site measurement and assessment, and project management.

You may not need all of these services, however. If that’s the case, you’ll want to find a company that allows you an ala carte selection so you can pick the specific services you need.

2. What Do You Charge?

Nobody likes addressing money issues. But it’s important you know right off the bat whether you have enough in your budget for a designer.

Most interior designers collect their fees all at one time and each has his or her own unique fee structure. There are those who charge a flat fee for their work, while others prefer to get paid by the hour.

In addition, some designers charge fees purchases they make, whereas others take a percentage of the cost of the whole room. So before you sign any paperwork, be sure you have a clear idea of how the financials will work.

3. Can You Recommend Local Contractors?

Also in the realm of fees and payment, you’ll want to know if the designer has connections with local contractors. If so, this could save you money as they may be willing to give you a discount.

Even if that isn’t the case, having a designer who’s able to recommend trustworthy contractors is still a plus. If they’ve been willing to work with the designer in the past, that says a lot for his or her credibility.

4. About How Long Will It Take?

It’s important to understand that your interior makeover could potentially take longer than you’re imagining. Any renovation is going to require a chunk of time.

For example, a seemingly simple one-room renovation could take anywhere from a day to a week – depending on the scale of the renovation. But if you want the job done well and professionally, you’ll need to expect this.

5. Do You Have References and Credentials?

Try not to get swept up in a fancy portfolio.

You want to be sure that the designer you’re considering has legitimate references and credentials. It’s okay to go with a less experienced designer if you need to save money. But still, check for references.

Redesign with Confidence

If you want a truly professional renovation and redesign, then hiring interior designers is the way to go. Just be sure you have the above five questions ready to go when you start interviewing potential candidates. It could make all the difference.

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