Wedding Stress: 10 Tips for Handling Pre-Wedding Anxiety

//Wedding Stress: 10 Tips for Handling Pre-Wedding Anxiety
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You’re about to get married, which is supposed to be the most magical time of your life. Still, the amount of planning and organizing you still have to do can get overwhelming. Wedding stress can be a real issue for many bride-to-be’s.

The good news, though, is that you’ve come to the right article. Detailed below are ten key ways you can manage your wedding stress to enjoy this time in your life. 

After all, even experts recognize that wedding planning can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s important to maintain the ultimate priority of the wedding: the celebration of your love. Keep reading to ensure you keep that goal in mind throughout the planning process. 

1. First, Forgive Yourself for Getting Stressed

The first thing to remember is that it’s okay to feel overwhelmed when planning your wedding. It’s understandable to feel the utmost concern for even the smallest detail of your big day. If and when you do start to get stressed out, remember to be accepting of your frustrated emotions. 

Be intentional about checking in with yourself throughout the planning process. Are you emotionally drained and need a break? Don’t let the joy of your wedding day be overshadowed by a challenging planning process.

2. Hire a Reliable Wedding Planner to Help Get Organized

If you didn’t hire a wedding planner right off the bat, you might want to do so sooner rather than later. It’s worth the investment to get a trained set of eyes on how your wedding planning is going. That way, you can focus your attention on the more exciting parts about getting married!

3. Stay in Tune with Your and Your Partner’s Desires for the Wedding

A big reason that many people get stressed out during wedding planning is that of conflict with their partner. Perhaps both parties have different expectations as far as how the big day will turn out. If you don’t want the wedding planning process to be a series of unending conflicts, be mindful of checking in with your partner every step of the way. 

4. Take as Much Time as You Need Before the Wedding Itself

Remember, there’s nothing that says you have to get married as soon as possible. If a longer period of engagement sounds appealing, don’t hesitate. You deserve to have as much time as you need to prepare the big wedding day to your ideal standards. 

Plus, an extended engagement gives you plenty of time to shop around for the best vendors and decorations. Spread out the length of the wedding planning process to minimize the stress it brings you and your partner during the day-to-day.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Friends and Family for Help

Of course, the point of having a wedding at all is to celebrate your love with cherished friends and family members. So, why not ask them to pitch in when it comes to the planning process?

Your loved ones ant your special day to go smoothly, too. Be willing to reach out to your immediate circle of support when you’re starting to feel stressed. They’ll be sure to help ease the load. 

6. There’s No Need to Plan the Biggest Wedding Ever

By the way, there’s no pressure to have the biggest wedding of the decade. In fact, smaller ceremonies can be more intimate and close-knit amongst attendees. A smaller wedding would mean a little bit less stress during the planning process, too. 

Take the time to talk with your partner about your ideal wedding ceremony size. After all, there are plenty of small wedding venues that might suit what you’re looking for. 

7. Maintain Your Personal Health and Wellness

As the big day approaches, it’s normal to start getting anxious. You might be worried about something going wrong or about forgetting something crucial. 

One way to keep your mind from racing about everything that could go wrong on that day is with intentional, regular exercise during the engagement. Combine exercise with healthy eating habits to keep your energy up and your stress weight down. (After all, you want to fit into your outfit on the big day, right?!)

8. It’s Okay to Take a Break from Planning Sometimes

Another crucial way to prevent getting too stressed is to take a break from the wedding planning every once in a while. Perhaps you and your spouse-to-be need a pre-wedding getaway to clear your head. This could be a great way to unwind and refocus on what your priorities for your wedding day actually are.

9. Stay Flexible with Your Expectations

As your wedding day draws near, remember to be realistic with your expectations. There’s no need to be stressed about the finer details on the actual day of your wedding.

Instead, recognize that something will probably go wrong (hopefully, though, it’s only something minor). Once you accept that things likely won’t be perfect, you can focus on having fun!

10. Remember to Have Fun Throughout the Process!

In fact, having fun is perhaps the most important thing to remember throughout your wedding planning process! Keeping this in mind as the ultimate goal of your wedding day will help you let go of the little things that would otherwise only cause you stress. 

Minimize Your Wedding Stress as Much as Possible

By now, you have a thorough understanding of how you can manage your wedding stress. As much as wedding planning can be challenging, you can still have fun with it. Take the time to make this celebration an unforgettable one while still enjoying it yourself.

As mentioned above, one way to minimize your stress from wedding planning is to keep yourself distracted. Find an avenue of informative or useful distraction, even. In fact, that’s where this website can come into play. 

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