Things That Go Bite In the Night: How to Spot Bed Bugs

//Things That Go Bite In the Night: How to Spot Bed Bugs
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Did you know that almost 20% of Americans have had an infestation with bed bugs during their lifetime? Moreover, almost 80% of Americans are concerned that they will find bed bugs in hotel rooms when they leave on vacation. These pesky little insects are prevalent in all 50 states and they can bother your sleep and make you feel uncomfortable in your own house.

Luckily, it’s easy to spot them and take action. If you’re curious about how to spot bed bugs, keep reading this article and learn the most important tips and tricks. There are numerous signs of bed bugs you can look for whether you live in a large house or stay in a hotel room.

You See Red Dots on Your Pillows

Red or brown dots are common on bed sheets and pillows for people who have a bed bug infestation. These appear as a result of you crushing the bed bugs when you turn in bed at night. The red dots are actually the remains of your blood that has been sucked by bed bugs. If you see a multitude of such dots on your bed sheets and pillow, that’s a sure sign of bed bug infestation.

You See a Lot of Black Marks on Your Bed Sheets

This is another common sign of having bed bugs. The dark or black marks are the feces of bed bugs that thrive in your bed frame. Yes, it can be a repulsive sight and that’s why you should frequently check your bed sheets and take action immediately. You should wash your beddings with water at the highest temperature and call the experts to remove the bed bugs from your house.

You See Pale Yellow Shells on the Bed or Floor

As bed bugs develop and mature, they leave behind their protective eggshells. These have a pale yellow color and they are very fragile. You might be able to see a few of these eggshells on your bed or on the floor next to your bed. Check under the sofa, armchairs, or other furniture items you might have in your house as well. If you see lots of these shells, eliminate them with a vacuum cleaner.

Your Bed Frame Is Infested With Bugs

Most bed bug colonies are established in the frame of your bed. You should dismantle and check the frame if you suspect you have been infested with bed bugs. These colonies can be killed with pest control products or you can also call pest control specialists to take care of this problem for you. Bed bugs might live in your travel suitcase or clothes as well, so check these ones out too.

You See Bite Marks on Your Hands

This is probably one of the most common signs of a bed bug infestation. The bite marks can be found on your hands, leg, back, neck, and shoulders. They are reddish in color and can cause itching. Luckily, bed bugs don’t spread dangerous diseases, but you still need to get rid of them as soon as possible.

Now You Know How to Spot Bed Bugs

Hopefully, you have found a lot of great answers to your original question – how to spot bed bugs. It’s up to you now to check all the rooms of your house and see if you have unwanted guests or not.

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