5 Tips for Setting Up a Weekly House Cleaning Schedule

//5 Tips for Setting Up a Weekly House Cleaning Schedule
  • Weekly Cleaning Schedule

Did you know that the novel coronavirus can survive on surfaces for up to three days?

If you aren’t cleaning your house on a regular basis already, it’s time to start.

Deep cleaning your whole house, though, is a huge undertaking. Creating a weekly house cleaning schedule can help break down that monumental task.

Are you ready to create a schedule, but you’re not sure where to start? No worries!

Read on to learn five tips to incorporate into your new cleaning routine.

1. Create a Daily Schedule

With an entire house to clean, there are a lot of things you can break up into smaller tasks. Begin creating your schedule by breaking up tasks into subsections. You may choose to clean by room or by cleaning method.

Either way, break up your responsibilities and assign a day to each type of task. Here are a few examples of what your schedule could look like:

  • Monday: Clean all windows
  • Tuesday: Wipe down all baseboards
  • Wednesday: Dust the bedroom

By breaking down tasks, they’ll be easier to achieve.

2. Make a Bullet List

So, you’ve created the perfect daily cleaning routine to leave your house spotless. The only problem? You haven’t actually put your schedule in writing yet.

Make your plans concrete by putting pen to paper. Create a bullet list for each day of the week, and create a checklist of your to-do items.

Putting your ideas in writing will help you remember what you need to do. It will also help you hold yourself accountable for your cleaning habits. It will feel good each time you tick off an item on your list.

3. Prepare for Seasonal Changes

Once you’ve got your basic schedule down, it’s time to consider seasonal changes. In an ideal situation, you’ll want to have a separate checklist for each season. This gives you four good chances throughout the year to deep clean.

For example, spring could be the time to steam clean all the carpets. In the fall, it’ll be time to reorganize your closet.

4. Budget For the Professionals

Some tasks are more difficult than others. You may have to enlist a professional to help you take care of certain duties.

Budget for professionals on your seasonal changes checklist. For example, schedule in your residential window cleaning in the spring.

5. Don’t Forget Rest Days!

Having a daily and seasonal checklist can make you feel overwhelmed. Don’t make the mistake of scheduling something 365 days of the year. Always remember to plan for rest days!

Start Mastering Your Weekly House Cleaning Schedule Now

Creating your weekly house cleaning schedule is only half of the battle. Getting down with the cleaning is the other half.

Hold yourself accountable and follow through with your routine every week. Once you do, you’ll find your home a much healthier and more comfortable space to live in.

Are you looking for even more tips and tricks to help you stay healthy in 2020? Stay tuned to our blog!

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