Your Guide to a Complete and Total Garage Makeover

//Your Guide to a Complete and Total Garage Makeover
  • Messy Garage in Need of a Makeover

Garages are one of the unsung heroes of our time. They shelter our cars from the elements, store our unused items, and otherwise give our house a wiser range of purpose. Yet, we barely give them credit for what they do.

We can see this by the way we neglect our garage. Over the years, it continues to gather dirt and grime as well as our own junk to eventually become something like a run-down storage shed.

There’s no mistaking it; your garage needs a makeover. And not just any garage makeover, but one that truly gives it the remodeling it deserves. This article will show you how to make that happen without breaking the bank. Keep reading to learn more!

Start Your Garage Makeover by Improving the Lighting

One of the easiest fixes that you could make for your garage is by simply adding in some new lights. Over the years lights tend to get dimmer or cast a dingy look over the area because they’re so outdated.

By changing the lights, you not only make it easier to navigate the area and see what you’re looking for, but you may also complete your aesthetic appeal by simply brightening up the room.

Customize Your Garage Flooring

One of the best ways that you can remodel your garage is by customizing the flooring. This not only helps to cover any damages and add new strength to the floor, but it also gives your garage a look and feel that defines it as uniquely yours.

Look into custom garage flooring to see what sorts of options you could choose from, then find the one that best speaks to you. You’ll have something that fits your vibe and will last for quite a long time.

Loft Your Garage

This is a very modern – and very impressive – take on how to turn a garage into an incredible part of your home. Most everyone already uses the garage as a partial storage unit anyway, so adding a loft would just be making its use official.

Lofting would still leave plenty of room for you to park your cars in the main space, but you’ll also be able to store your belongings just like you would with your attic, giving your garage even more uses than it already has.

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