What to Wear During Labor for Maximum Comfort

//What to Wear During Labor for Maximum Comfort
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As a new mother-to-be, you’ve learned a lot over the last nine months. How to breathe. How to bend at the knees. How to cover up every electrical outlet in your home, no matter how high up they are. But have you ever wondered what to wear during labor?

Join us today, as we break down the best options for labor and delivery gowns, casual wear and hospital attire, and let’s get you ready for your big day!

Hospital Gowns

There’s a reason the classic maternity hospital gown is the standard in most hospitals where comfort and efficiency are key. Although they are not the most flattering clothes, they are functional.

Snaps make each item easy to get on and off without having to pull anything over your head. They’re designed to fit loosely, making them great for easy medical access, as well as your own comfort.

There’s also a ton of birthing gowns around, so you can change into a fresh gown whenever you want to.

Bring Your Own

If you do not want to wear the maternity delivery gown provided by the hospital, you can buy one yourself. Hospital gowns and wraps have become a cottage industry online and can be found via merchant sites like Etsy.

And these are often created with the insecurities of otherwise incapacitated moms in mind. Don’t settle for looking frumpy in all your labor photos, or having a gown that fits around the bust but not around the hips. Many merchants sell gowns tailored to the women who buy them. You can wear something comfortable, functional, and maybe even a little stylish.

Maternity Wraps

A birthing wrap is a wrap dress that completely covers the person wearing it. It does this while still allowing full freedom of movement and easy access for doctors. They come in a variety of designs, colors, patterns and fabric choices, and at many different price points. These Mexican Rebozo shawls, from Lola My Love, are a great example of just how much is out there!

Your Own Clothes

For some people, a comfortable t-shirt or pajamas they wear every night is just what the doctor ordered. They provide familiarity, from the way they feel and wear to the way they smell. This is extremely reassuring during labor and delivery.

Keep in mind, obviously, childbirth is messy, and one of the benefits of a hospital gown is that you won’t worry if it tears or stains during childbirth. If you do choose to wear your own clothes, however, make sure to choose loose clothes over jeans, jumpers, or form-fitting underwear. 

Make sure to keep the following in mind when packing your clothing:

  • Washable Items: Childbirth is never clean. All sorts of fluids can go splashing around during labor, so do not wear clothes that can’t be washed or even discarded, completely, if needed.
  • Open: Doctors will need easy access to your belly and genital areas. Your clothing must be easily accessed by anyone in an emergency. No strange clasps, straps, or fasteners. 
  • Room To Move: You may find yourself walking the halls leading up to your labor. Alternatively, you may end up moving around a lot during delivery. Space to move in is very important in this regard.

What To Wear During Labor

The question of what to wear during labor can be answered in two words: maximum comfort. Go for dresses, loose-fitting blouses, big shorts, and comfy shoes (or barefoot). This is about you and your delivery, so take care of yourself and dress to make yourself comfortable.

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