The Best Home Automation Ideas to Improve Your Life

//The Best Home Automation Ideas to Improve Your Life
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Do you remember where you were in your life 15 years ago? And what you thought the world would be like at that point.

Well, now you know. We are living in the future. Every day technological advances help make our lives easier to the point where it is now possible to never have to leave the house again.

So what home automation devices should you invest in? Which ones are going to transform your lives and which ones are a waste of money that could make you unnecessarily lazy. 

Here’s what you need to know about smart home solutions. 

1. Smart Lights 

Now when you come home you can turn on the lights without having to fiddle around in the dark looking for the light switches. Using voice-activated smart home hubs such as the Apple Homepod and Amazon’s Echo you can simply ask for the lights to be turned on and they will. These are examples of an amazing home automation kit. 

The smart bulbs come in different colors and some of the lights can be changed to reflect the color you want the room: from red to white to ordinary yellow. 

Using an application or a computer, smartphone or tablet you can program each set of lights for each room and what the command should be. That way when you ask for the lights to be turned on in the kitchen all the lights you have assigned to ‘kitchen’ will switch on.

You can also program the lights to be turned on from your smartphone before you arrive back home so that your house is all lit up and waiting for you.

If you combine this technology with a smart security system you can program the lights to turn on if you think there is an intruder in your house or you spot someone on CCTV looking around. 

2. Smart Kettle 

No more do you have to wait for the kettle to boil when you can get home, this can be programmed from your smartphone or computer as well. This way the water will be boiled for you the moment you walk through the door.

What is great about smart kettles is that they can alter the temperature at which they warm the water. Some teas and coffees require boiling water for the best taste whereas others such as green teas only need water boiled to 70 degrees.

The only limitation to a smart kettle is that it must be filled up with water beforehand. If it is empty there is no facility yet for it to be filled up remotely. 

3. Smart Kitchen 

There has been lots of focus on smart living rooms so far. Plug sockets, home security, and lighting can all be turned on and off remotely and most new smart televisions also link up to smart home systems.

But the kitchen is where the greatest revolution is taking place, making our life easier and cooking and shopping dead easier. 

Smart Fridge 

Many fridges now contain a smart screen on their front. This can display what each member of the family’s schedule is for that day as well as various games. But some fridges now include the ability to keep track of what is in your fridge using sensor technology.

The fridge cannot only alert you if those items are about to run out, but the fridge can also order your groceries for you so that they arrive before you run out.

One of the ways that companies make this easy transportation possible is through portable fuel tanks so that vans and trucks can travel long distances.

Smart Oven

Cooking with a normal oven can be frustrating because we never know when something is cooked or not. We have to keep checking by opening the oven and trying not to burn ourselves. 

But if there was a way around this? Smart ovens now contain cameras inside them. From our smartphones or computers, we can see inside and gauge how cooked our food is to ensure it doesn’t get burned or comes out undercooked. 

This can save us lots of time if we wish to get on with some work while we wait or our food to cook. We could even put a timer on the device we are working on to remember to check the camera feed at regular intervals. A job that would take 10 minutes can now take less than one. 

Home Automation Devices Are The Way Forward 

The world gets smarter every day, something we often forget about and should do more to embrace. In the same way smart technology is changing banking, it is changing our homes too. By automating everyday tasks we can free up more time to spend on the things that we love or with the people we love.

Smart lights and smart security systems can make our homes feel more secure when we are out or away. But they can also make sure our homes are ready for us when we return home. 

Smart home solutions can ensure that the lights can are on and even the kettle can be readily boiled for us to make ourselves a cup of tea as soon as we step through the front door. 

Meanwhile, smart ovens, another example of home automation devices, allow us to keep an eye on our food and ensure that we cook to the correct standard from the comfort of our smart devices. 

Smart fridges can also take the stress out of grocery shopping by automating the process and ordering food for us when we have nearly run out.

If you are interested in reading more about how technology is changing our lives be sure to check out the other articles on our site. 

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