3 Important Things You Need to Know About Assisted or Senior Living Care

//3 Important Things You Need to Know About Assisted or Senior Living Care
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One two percent of older adults, or one million people, live in an assisted or senior living care facility. The majority of aging adults, 93 percent, still live on their own. 

Not only can living on your own be dangerous as you develop health and mobility restrictions, but you’re also missing out on a lot of benefits of senior living. 

Planning to take your aging loved one to an assisted or senior living care facility? Here are important things you need to know about this kind of care.

1. It’s Not Just About Health Care

When you bring up the subject of assisted living, many aging people respond that they are too healthy to live in a senior community. But the fact is, senior living is about so much more than just health care. 

First of all, even the healthiest of aging adults can have mobility issues. The normal household may include stairs, bathtubs, and uneven flooring. Senior living centers ensure that even those in a wheelchair can access every part of their new home and community. 

In addition, traditional homes come with a lot of extra work that can be a burden on older adults. Everything from lawn care to general cleaning can take too much of your loved one’s energy and time. With assisted living, this is all taken care of them. 

2. There Are Different Levels of Care

There are many different levels of assisted living, ranging from completely independent living to situations that mirror those of a nursing home. 

To find which level of care you’ll need, start by keeping track of what your senior needs help with. Do they need monitored 24/7 or can they sleep and live completely independent? Do they need help with their daily medications or are they merely looking for a social environment? 

Companies like Paradigm Senior Living work with communities nationwide and can help find the right one for your senior. 

3. No Two Communities Are the Same

If you’re still wondering how does assisted living work, remember that no two communities are the same. 

To truly discover the ins and outs of senior living, you need to visit and research a few communities near you. Each one will offer different services and appeal to different audiences. 

Odds are, there’s a community nearby that fits your expectations and needs. 

Give Your Loved One the Best Senior Living Care

Now that you know a little bit more about assisted or senior living care, you can decide if this is the best choice for your loved one. 

There are many reasons why assisted living might be right for them. Maybe they aren’t as mobile as they once were and are looking for a more elderly-friendly living space. Or maybe they are lonely and would benefit from a social community full of activities. 

Regardless of the reason, make sure to keep them involved when choosing the right community. After all, this will be their new home. 

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