Top 5 Surprising Benefits of Having Artificial Grass

//Top 5 Surprising Benefits of Having Artificial Grass
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The grass is always greener on the other side. You can make your lawn that other side with artificial grass. 

You may have seen artificial grass in football stadiums and gymnasiums. The NFL uses Astroturf because it is durable and because it doesn’t need to be trimmed. These are the two biggest benefits of artificial grass. 

But there are many more. Here are five surprising benefits of having artificial grass. 

1. Less Waste

Something artificial can be better than something natural. Americans use nine billion gallons of water every day to water our lawns. We use 80 million pounds of pesticides every year, many of which cause cancer and hormone damage. 

Artificial lawns use no water and no pesticides. If we all used artificial grass, we would save trillions of gallons of water every year. 

But artificial grass is not perfect. Most artificial grasses are made with petroleum, which creates waste during its manufacturing process. Pick an artificial grass that does not use petroleum or harmful plastics. 

2. Pet and Child Friendly

Fertilizers harm children and animals. Without fertilizers, artificial grass poses no threat. 

Artificial grass is made of smooth and soft bristles. Children can land and run on it without hurting themselves. Dogs do not eat artificial grass, so they won’t get sick from it. 

Natural grass can harbor bacteria for days, even in direct sunlight. Artificial grass contains antibacterial substances, resisting contamination. Your kids and pets can play without fear of getting sick. 

3. Less Dust

Dust is everywhere. A lot of dust comes from our lawns. Wind and rain rip up dirt and throw it into the air, creating dust. 

Artificial grass covers up the dirt on your lawn. Without dirt, wind cannot throw up dust. 

Broken grass also creates dust. Artificial grass is more durable, and you do not need to cut it. Without breakages, artificial lawns create less dust. 

4. Fewer Weeds

Weeds grow wherever there is room for them to grow. Seeds lay dormant in your dirt, waiting until there is water, sunlight, and space. Then they sprout up. 

Artificial grass fills that room. There is no need to water artificial grass, so there is no runoff onto the edges of your lawn. Weeds cannot grow. 

Weeds can grow under or through your decking. Place artificial grass on decking, and you will cut off access to sunlight and water. You can maintain weeds more easily. 

5. Shade

Shaded areas are very comfortable to sit in. But grass finds it uncomfortable to grow without sunlight. 

Artificial grass doesn’t need sunlight. If you don’t want to use artificial grass for your entire lawn, place artificial grass in shaded areas. 

Artificial grass is more resilient than natural grass. You can drag chairs over it and sit on it, and it won’t break. 

The Art of Artificial Grass

Wake up on the right side of the grass. Artificial grass has many benefits over natural grass. 

Artificial grass uses no water or harmful pesticides. It is pet and child friendly, and it creates almost no dust. It covers up spaces where weeds grow and where there is no sunlight. 

Artificial grass is a great way to improve your lawn. Find out some more lawn and home improvement solutions by following our coverage. 

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