How To Shape Your Eyebrows According To Your Face Shape

//How To Shape Your Eyebrows According To Your Face Shape

Have you ever tried to play with the shape of your eyebrows?

I know,  since shaping our eyebrows requires a little bit of handiness, it sounds quite “risky” ! But in what’s next I want to share with you some easy tips in order to find the perfect eyebrows shape for your face and on how to achieve it!

How To Shape Your Eyebrows According To Your Face Shape

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Remember: the shape, the color and the thickness of the eyebrows can make a huge difference on our face; they define and frame the gaze. In fact, even if you are not wearing makeup but you want in any case to look remarkable, I suggest you to take care of your eyebrows and you will look amazing in a  natural way, without any makeup on! Let’s see how it works in practice!

The shape

The first step to identify your perfect eyebrow shape is to determine your face shape. Here the are the six most common face shapes and you can recognize yours. What we have to remember is that  we modify the shape of our eyebrows according to our face shapes. The aim is to give the illusion of an oval face. This is because the oval face is considered the most harmonious shape and  synonymous with beauty.

How To Shape Your Eyebrows According To Your Face Shape

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#1 Oval face shape

The perfect eyebrows shape, in this case, is the soft angles shape that goes straight up and then gently curves round at the top and down.

#2 Heart face shape

This faceshape is not so different from the oval one, but here the chin slightly thins at a point. In this case what we want to do, in order to soften the features, is to make the illusion of rounded eyebrows as if they were the top of the heart and the chin is the bottom of it. The curve must be soft and not arched.

#3 Long face shape

The goal in this case is to make the face look shorter. The tip is to create a flat brow shape!

#4 Round face shape

The aim here is to make the face look less round, and so, longer. As you can see, Grace Kelly is the perfect example of this face shape and the tip is to lift the arch in the middle and not in the outer part of it (as it is for the oval face shape).


#5 Square face shape

What the MUAs suggest in this case is to balance the straightness of the square face feature with a strong brow or soften it with curves. Also in this case the peak at the top of the brows should be done quite in the middle of the eyebrows arch.

#6 Diamond face shape

The solution, in this case, is the curved brows shape. In fact, curves will both, soften your look and make the widest portion of your face look narrower!

How to shape?

It’s all a matter of proportions! Here it is a simple method to define the proportions in which you have to shape your eyebrows. The first pic shows where the eyebrow ideally (and practically) has to start. The second one, the exact position of the peak at the top of the brows. And the last one, where the eyebrow should stop in order to frame harmoniously the face.

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To determine the eyebrows thickness, use this line guide instead: starting from the inner part of the brow, draw a line that follows your natural brows shape(that can be: curved, straight or angled- as we saw before). Then, with a tweezers, remove the hair “in excess” in respect to the shape you have pinpointed.

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Found on: Womenshealth

If you have really long hair on your eyebrows that give you a messy look, a good tip is to…CUT THEM. Yes, cut them. It’s quite easy, but be careful and cut just the quantity in excess.

How To Shape Your Eyebrows According To Your Face Shape

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Amazing Products for Eyebrows!

Obviously, to make our eyebrows look really perfect we need also to use some specific products on them! By using these products we can play and create  the perfect eyebrow for any makeup look.


Eyebrow pencils

How To Shape Your Eyebrows According To Your Face Shape

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Using pencils to make eyebrows look thicker or to paint them is probably the easiest and cheapest method! Almost always they come with a little comb that you can use to gently brush your brows. Be sure that the pencil does not contain any glitter because if they are, they can give you an extremely unaesthetic look! Use the pencil in drawing little dashes like they were natural hair and then blend everything using the comb. In this way you’ll give shape to you brows and create volume.


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Use an angle brush to apply the product on to the brows. I suggest to use the eyeshadow after the pencil in order to give the illusion of volume, or to use a specific primer on the brows before applying the eye shadow, otherwise it won’t last. One tip is to choose a colour that is a shade lighter than your natural one if you have dark brows, and the contrary if you have clear eyebrows.


Coloured Mascara

How To Shape Your Eyebrows According To Your Face Shape

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If you want your brows to stay in place for all day long, a colored mascara is the perfect solution! Thanks to their formulation, mascaras give texture to the brows and fix them creating an extremely tidy and elegant look. Be careful to the color you choose! It makes a massive difference.

Pomades, Creams and Gel

How To Shape Your Eyebrows According To Your Face Shape

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Creams and gels are often waterproof, so they are suitable for those of you who wants to reach a long lasting effect on their makeup. Even with these products, you still have to pay attention to the shade you choose when you buy them. Apply them with a small angled brush! The final effect will be defined and natural.

Well Lovelies, That’s all! Will you try to play with you eyebrows now?

Let us know in the comments bellow!

Stay amazing!

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