Top 10 January 2015 Fashion Magazine Covers

//Top 10 January 2015 Fashion Magazine Covers

I bet everyone can feel that is January!

The festivities are over, family dinners, visiting, soirees, long chats with friends – all done and clear! January is now, and usually is the month when you have to organize yourself, to make a plan for the next months or for the whole year; but if you ask me laziness levels are particularly high this time of the year. Not a good start, right? and I really don’t want to blame winter holiday for this, but it’s true. Well, at least we have an excuse for being late or for doing something wrong ”It’s January…”. Everyone has to understand that you can’t come fresh to work/school after 14 days of fun, trips, loads of food and wine, sleeping till 10 o’clock or more and waking up enjoying your cinnamon tea while reading your favorite fashion magazine.

Here is where I wanted to be.This article is about January fashion magazine covers from over the world and to be easier and not too overwhelming I came up with a Top 10 covers. So, now you will have time to read and enjoy it in your break!


Elle                                               Found on

Who doesn’t know Kim? and even so, I don’t think there’s a word to describe how cool is she. Kim Kardashian is a wife, mother, social media personality, model, actress; in one word she is/has everything! But I choose to start with this cover because of the big pink title. Confidence. A great title for Elle to start the year. We need to belief in our power in order to succeed. So from now on give yourself a vote of confidence!

  2. Marie claire France

marie claire                                           Found on

When I see Jennifer Lawrence I’m thinking about another world. Probably because of the movie, The Hunger Games, which established her as the highest-grossing action heroine of all the time. I’m really pleased that Marie Claire magazine choose her. For me she is the symbol of strength. What a better symbol than this one to start the year?!

3. Harper’s Bazaar Japan

Harper's Bazaar                                 Found on

A very festive, playful, happy, divine cover of Harper’s Bazaar magazine, are just a few words to describe Anne Hathaway. I admit that it makes me think about  holidays, but this is not the only reason why I choose it. Anne Hathaway rocks! she is the cover of Harper’s Bazaar in Russia, Vietnam, Greece and Japan; and about the title….couldn’t be more than Shine & Sparkle.   

4. VOGUE Italy

Vogue                                         Found on

Dressed and make-up from Chanel, Crayon Sourcils gives us a natural, uniform and bright look to wear it all day. Her look is effortless but gorgeous in the same time. Seems that Vogue is introducing a mix between past and present style. Check some of the photos from Vogue Italy Jan.2015-spectacular!


5. Cosmopolitan Australia

Cosmopolitan                                 Found on

Cosmopolitan cover gave us a girl whose wearing a blinging jacket and a decorated swimsuit look, seems that this girl is just so ready for summer to come. Yes, is Rita Ora, the blonde beauty and she looks like a diva! She is so sexy. so hot, so perfect- big like for her. So girls, summer is coming in a minute, be ready for it!

6. Glamour Poland

glamour                                       Found on

This is one of the three covers of Glamour fashion magazine Poland. Each one represents the top model Osi Ugonoh being the first black model on Glamour magazine 2015. She definitely is a working girl. I particularly choose this one because of the good vibe, trench and of course make-up, which is stunning!

7. L’officiel Australia

L' officiel                                    Found on

L’officiel, french fashion magazine, just launched the debut issue of L’officiel Australia featuring Daphne Guinness on a luxurious cover. In my opinion they really did a great job. How to introduce a fashion magazine in another part of the world if is not with a style icon on the cover? This is such a luxury, style and talent magazine, love it!

 8. Allure US

allure                                   Found on

She is looking so radiant, so full of life and even that she is not in her twenties anymore, she didn’t change at all. Jennifer Aniston was my model when I was a teenager. Still now I like everything about her, but I choose this cover because of her smile and her fresh attitude. Allure started the year with a smile, so we should be doing the same.

 9. Nylon US

NYLON                                            Found on

 Nylon, the magazine of the pop culture, hottest trends in fashion, music, travel, beauty and way more, presents us to Charli XCX, a young British singer and songwriter. I was fascinated by her jacket, even that I’m not a fan of Hello Kitty trend (is a sticker on the collar), I will wear it! Nice outfit for a late summer day.

10. Asos US

asos                                        Found on:

The last, but not the least, Taylor Swift, the girl who doesn’t believe in happy ever after anymore covers Asos magazine of January 2015. With that sparkle-grey outfit and her posture she is looking like a superhero. Keep this in your mind- for this year be a superhero!

 Which one is your favorite?

Comment bellow and let us know!

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