Editor’s Choice #10: Are you ready to workout?

//Editor’s Choice #10: Are you ready to workout?

Driven by the fact that I am really in the “find a gym” phase, I thought a nice gym outfit should be in place right now. Probably many of you have already returned to the gym after the holiday feast, and so I plan too! This is why I want to find the right balance between a cool and a performance oriented gym outfit.

You may think going to the gym has nothing to do with fashion. Well, you are mistaken! When I go to the gym wearing my favorite workout pants, a nice chest band with a cool shirt on top, I really feel better and I am ready to conquer the world(or the gym!). That’s why I will suggest you a nice workout outfit, which can pull your self esteem, but will also make you feel comfortable during the workout session.


What is really important to mention is the fact that the fabrics and the technology used in some items can enhance performance in the gym, so pay attention to these factors.

Here is my suggestion:

Editor's Choice: Are you ready to work out?

1. Adidas Supernova running tights, $52.00

Adidas supernova tights


I was saying something about fabrication technology earlier and here is the item you have to own! These Supernova tights have  FORMOTION® technology incorporated which enhance performance, but also guarantees comfort! This technology comes together with the well known CLIMACOOL® technology meant for keeping your skin cool and dry. They also have a nice design, with the reflective details on the bottom!


2. Moving Comfort Sports Bra, $49.95

moving comfort sports bra

I guess is not necessary to stress out the importance of a sports bra during your working out session. As a woman, I can tell you how painful practicing sports can be if you don’t have proper equipment. I recommend investing in quality items like this bra that permits you freedom in movements with the right support. You won’t regret it!

3. H&M Sports Tank Top, $9.95

h&m sports top

I normally don’t invest too much in the top. I suggest you simple tops like this h&m one. It’s available in 5 colors and sizes and has a racerback! I love wearing vivid colors on top of my bra, so I would go with the mint green one! Still, if you are addicted to black, go for it!

4. New Balance WX711 Snikers, $74.95

new balance wx711

New Balance sneakers are a must! From going to the gym to making a kick ass glam combo with them, you have to own a pair. I chose them in blue/grey combo, yet there are plenty of other available combinations from where to choose. They are supporting your ankle if you are running and the foam is 13% softer than other used foams in order to provide you the desired comfort.

5. Phillips ActionFit Headphones$16.23

phillips actionfit headphones

I know you may think you don’t need a special type of headphones for going to the gym, but think about the situations when your headphones continually slip from your ear and distract you. It’s the most annoying feeling you can have! This is why Phillips came with anti-slip rubber year caps which are also sweat resistant. They are available in four colors, perfect for men and women, as well!

6. Nike Fuelband, $99

nike fuelband

Nike is characterizing this gadget as “motivation on your wrist“. That’s right, just think about the following features: it measures your movements in any kind of activities you are performing, is able to track the intensity of your workout, it counts steps and displays progress in real time and keeps your friend informed about your performances throughout Nike+ Groups. One advantage is that it can be connected to your iOS or Android smartphone. And guess what? It’s available in pink!

 Hope you like my selection of workout garments. Comment bellow with your personal choices!

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