Thrifty Homeowners: How to Renovate a House on a Budget

//Thrifty Homeowners: How to Renovate a House on a Budget
  • Renovate a House on a Budget

Are you interested in updating your home? Are you worried about how much it will cost?

Whether you want a new kitchen or are considering a basement conversion, the good news is there are lots of things you can do to keep the cost of your home renovation low.

If you’ve been wanting to make some changes to your home but don’t want to spend a lot of money, keep reading to find out how to renovate a house on a budget.

Prioritize Your Upgrades

Your goal may be to eventually renovate the whole house. But, for now, start with the highest priority rooms.

For most people, the kitchen is at the top of this list.

Kitchen upgrades can significantly increase the resale value of your home. And it makes sense to start with one of the most frequently used rooms.

Focus on Small Changes

Sometimes, a total remodel isn’t necessary. Small changes can have a big impact on the appearance of your house.

For example, you can update your kitchen by changing the hardware on the drawers and cabinets. Or, you can paint the trim on the house to freshen it up without putting a ton of time and money into painting the whole thing.

Do What You Can Yourself

You may not be able to do the whole renovation yourself. But, you can probably cut down on costs by handling issues demolition, transportation, and finishing on your own.

Get Multiple Quotes

For the tasks that you can’t handle on your own, be sure to get quotes from multiple businesses before making a decision. Don’t necessarily choose the person who gives you the lowest bid, though.

Whether you’re hiring a roofer or a plumber, pay attention to their past work and what others are saying about them.

Check out this article to read more now on how to find a great home repair professional.

Only Buy What You Need

It may be tempting to invest in the newest dishwasher or smart fridge. But be practical. Do you actually need a fridge that talks to you, or will a standard model get the job done?

Try not to get drawn in by sales pitches and fancy gimmicks. If you’re trying to stick to a budget, it’s important to focus only on what you need.

Purchase Recycled Materials

You can purchase a lot of items from charities like Habitat for Humanity for much less than you would pay in a typical retail store. If you take this approach, you can save a lot of money on things like doors, windows, and light fixtures.

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As you can see, it’s totally possible to upgrade your home without clearing out your bank account.

Now that you know how to renovate a house on a budget, it’s time to get to work!

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