Let There Be Light: 3 Hot Lighting Trends for 2019

//Let There Be Light: 3 Hot Lighting Trends for 2019
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Want to have the most lit home out of all of your friends? Of course you do!

While the days are finally starting to get longer, we’re still spending more time in darkness than in light. This means by the time you have people over, your lights are probably already on, making them an essential part of your home.

We’re going to explore some of the hottest lighting trends for 2019 to keep your home bright and beautiful.

Chandelier Lighting

If your home has high enough ceilings, chandelier lighting is an amazing way to make your house look opulent and unique. Your friends will feel like they’re walking into a house straight out of the Gatsby era.

There are a number of different types of chandelier lights, with one of our favorites being the solar system chandelier. This amazing light features multiple spheres of small lights arranged in a downward spiral. 

Other great options for chandelier lighting includes a square crystal raindrop chandelier, or the more traditional floating castle crystal raindrop chandelier. 

Gold and Brass

Gold is the new black, and vintage is in. Having a gold or brass finish on your lighting can give your home a retro look or a sleek modern look depending on how you use it.

If you’re going for a sleek, contemporary look for your home, soft gold is the way to go. Soft gold accentuates colors often found in contemporary decor, such as grey, beige, and matte silver. It’s a lighting trend that won’t scream at your guests, but they’ll certainly notice and appreciate. 

For a more retro look, go with brass. And we’re not talking brass finish, we’re talking about real brass. Brass comes in a variety of unique shapes and styles, and has the incredible benefit of changing over time. Unlacquered brass will age and patina, creating an almost living lighting fixture in your home that will wow for years to come. 

Edison Bulbs

If you’re trying to improve your home on a budget Edison bulbs are the way to go. The LED bulbs, which last longer and consume less power, will only set you back $4-5 per bulb. For the true retro look, the incandescent bulbs may consume a little more power, but only cost $3 per bulb. 

Edison bulbs are very versatile. You can add them to existing light fixtures, or create a whole new retro look to fit the bulbs. One popular idea that looks absolutely stunning combines this trend with our first trend. The Edison Bulb Chandelier. It’s a truly unique look that’s both modern and retro at the same time.

Other Hot Lighting Trends and Beyond

There are a plethora of lighting trends that you could use on your home in 2019, those are just our favorites. A lot of the lighting trends center around specific materials, such as marble bases, and natural fiber lamps. Bigger lights are also becoming popular, as well as a resurgence in LED lighting. 

Once you’ve decided on which lighting works best for you, keep coming back to us for more tips on everything from home decor to fashion to health. We have everything you need to illuminate the best woman that’s inside you. 

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