A Winter like No Other: 5 Cool Things to Do in Colorado

//A Winter like No Other: 5 Cool Things to Do in Colorado
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Colorado tourism hit a new record. More than 84 million visitors explored the mountain state and generated $1.28 billion. Colorado has more than just fabulous skiing for its guests.

For a winter like no other, Colorado is the place to be. Let’s talk about the best places you should go to, as well as the top 5 cool things to do in Colorado.

1. Watch a Torchlight Parade

If you enjoy hitting the slopes in Colorado, you can take it to another extreme by watching or joining in Torchlight Parades. These special parades feature skiers and snow vehicles decked out with lights streaming down the mounting to create artistic formations.

One of the biggest events is the Winter Park‘s Christmas Eve Torchlight Parade starting with carols around a large bonfire. After watching the skiers (or participating yourself), experience a spectacular fireworks display and other slope formations in festive Christmas colors.

There is also a big Torchlight Parade at Snowmass for New Year’s Eve. The event is a great family event for dads, moms, and kids over eight.  Another fabulous fireworks display lights up the sky set to music later in the evening.

There are other Torchlight Parades with fireworks on Valentine’s Day at Steamboat Springs. Check out other night activities at ski resorts and learn more about Colorado activities.

2. Cool Things to Do in Colorado? Snowmobile Tours

Want to enjoy the snow in other ways? Try a snowmobile tour in Colorado. Don’t worry—there are tours for both experienced and inexperienced drivers.

Take a look at different tours like Grand Adventures that take you up to almost 12,000 feet with views like no other of Fraser Valley and Winter Park Ski area. Go through the heart of the Rockies with a tour from Breckenridge Snowmobiling Tours & Rentals.

If you have young children, there are kids snowmobile tours. Boulder Outdoor Center Family Tours are a great option for families of all ages. The trails are well-maintained making it easier for your littles to navigate.

You can enjoy the fresh air while you speed through the snowy alpines. There are several miles of trails throughout the whole state. Check out the popular areas like South Fork, Winter Park, Leadville, and Buena Vista.

3. Hitch a Ride on a Dog Sled Tour

Dog sled tours are also popular in Colorado and not just Alaska. Depending on the snow conditions, you can find a wide range of dog sled tours from mid-November through Mid-April.

Don’t worry these dogs are loved by their owners and love to run! These dogs will take you on the ride of your life as you discover a new way to view the beautiful Colorado backcountry.

Leadville has several tour companies including Winterhawk Dogsled Adventures. Alpine Adventures Dogsledding. If you want to check out Breckenridge, At Good Times Adventures has a 6-mile trail to view the Swan River Valley.

Dog sled tour companies are mostly family-owned and have a great passion for their dogs. If you totally fall in love with these dogs, some offer “retired” family members for adoption like Snow Caps Sled Dogs.

When you are done enjoying the beautiful backcountry with your new furry friends, you may never want to experience beautiful Colorado any other way. Most of these sled companies are near ski resorts so they give you additional options for your skiing vacation. A dog sled tour is a great activity to enhance your dream Colorado vacation.

You may never want to ride in a car again after experiencing the open air.  Cars may have a hard time on winter roads, but dogs can handle snow with ease.

4. Ride on a Horse-Drawn Sleigh

Take a sleigh ride with beautiful horses on the most elegant sleighs. Cover with warm blankets and enjoy the crisp, winter air as you listen to the majestic jingle bells strapped to your horses.

Don’t worry these sleigh rides are much more than riding around in a big circle. You will dash through secluded meadows and woods. After your ride with the gentle giants, you can warm up by a fire and sip on hot cocoa as your roast marshmallows and kids ride down the sledding hills.

Check out the family-owned Dashing Thru The Snow in Winter Park or Sombrero Stables of Snow Mountain Ranch. You can also enjoy a romantic dinner with Dinner Sleigh Rides. These tours around about 45-minutes of sleigh rides under the stars followed by a cozy, home-cooked dinner of either steak, trout, or chicken.

5. Climb the Ice

Waterfalls turn in glorious ice walls, which make great climbing experiences. This gives you the most exhilarating winter rush. You may need to take some classes before you try your hand at this challenging activity.

Colorado Mountain School has a course specific to the ice climbing challenge. You can also take an all-day beginners’ class at Pikes Peak Alpine School.

You will get an extreme sense of satisfaction as you swing your ax and make it to the top. This is a climb you can’t just go anywhere else. You can find a course for every level, so you can work your way up to the extreme challenge if you want to keep at it.

Check out the famous Ouray Ice Festival in January. Other towns that are popular for ice climbing include Silverton, Telluride, Vail, Lake City, Glenwood Springs, Silverton, and Grand Junction. Just imagine the look on your friends’ faces as you tell then you are climbing a large wall of ice!

Want to Find Other Cool Things to Do?

As you can see, there is so much to do in Colorado in addition to the ski slopes. You can have the most epic winter vacation ever if you partake in one of these cool winter activities.

Winter is one of the best times to enjoy the serene outdoors while dashing through the snow on a sled, snowmobile, dog sled, or skis. The choice is yours.

Check out our blog regularly for a list of five cool things on several topics. You can find great ideas and advice like 5 ways to make money online to help pay for your trip to Colorado. On that trip, you can discover all cool things to do in Colorado.

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